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CECON Management and History


Samuel L. Waltz, Managing Director

A Vietnam-era Veteran of US Army CounterIntelligence, Sam Waltz holds BS and MS degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with PhD coursework (no degree) in Public Affairs / Public Policy at the University of Delaware. An early-retired DuPont Company External Affairs executive who worked across a broad array of business and commercial issues, including technology commercialization, business planning and public affairs, Waltz today also is principal of SamWaltz.com Strategic Capital & Business Counsel. He is a Strategic Business Counselor, Trusted Adviser & Advocate™, serving on Business Boards and as an Expert Witness. Waltz is active in faith-based and civic affairs, and he formerly served as the elected global and national president of his industry’s professional society, akin to an MD who might head the AMA or an Attorney who might head the ABA. See LinkedIn

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Gregory Wells, Project Manager

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Ohio State.  Greg has more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and drug discovery with Merck, DuPont, and Cephalon.  He has 14 drug discovery patents and more than 30 peer-reviewed publications.

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Joel Shertok, Ph.D. Project Manager

With nearly a decade in business, Terence, a graduate of Susquehanna University, brings a strong focus on adding value in ethical collaboration, someone committed to understanding people and their needs, and helping make a difference in their lives, whether in their work, at home or in the community.

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Andrea Beck, Community Manager & Recruitment Expert

Andrea supplies support to our experts and manages the workflow for website additions.

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Bill Cushwa, Operations Leader

Providing Leadership and Staff Support to the entire CECON.com LLC team through her creative and innovative technical skills, including website liaison, as well as liaison with both Clients and Consultants.

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Randy Ruschak, CECON Consultant and former Division Manager

B.S.M.E & B.S.C.E Union College and MBA (Finance & Mgt of Organizations) Columbia University. Randy has over 35 years of experience in Engineering, Management Consulting, Internet Presence Consulting and has over 17 years in Executive Search and Placement. He has worked with the New York Power Authority, Founding Partner of what is now Navigant Consulting, Management Recruiters and MRB Services (an internet design firm).

History of CECON.com LLC, Founded 1985, Wilmington, DE

CECON.com LLC was founded in 1985 as The CECON Group Inc. by six early-retired DuPont Co. scientists and engineers. They were joined as shareholders over the next few years by another dozen early-retirees from DuPont.

Original roots of CECON were in DuPont’s competencies in chemistry, polymers, chemical engineering, materials technology, and related fabricated products, including healthcare and medical products.

CECON became "a Platform Company before the Internet invented Platform Companies, working in the Gig Economy before the Gig Economy existed!" Business Model of CECON is an Arbitrage Model of adding value by assisting a Client to define its Scope of Work to achieve its organizational and business objectives and then sourcing the expertise via its Proprietary Network of highly-trained and experienced consultants. If the expertise needed is not immediately found, many times it can be located via the company's proprietary network within hours.

Founders immediately found a huge demand in the 1980s and 1990s for their technical expertise and experience. Today, CECON represents a vast array of world class scientific and engineering experts in many disciplines that serve global clients in all areas of science, technology and business & industry.

In the course of their consulting, they also found a huge demand for technical experts outside their own skill areas, growing their resources to some 1,500 consultants. The CECON consulting network over time developed a first-quality global reputation for finding the exact experts who can specifically address its clients' scientific, engineering, technical and business needs both for consulting and expert witness engagements.

The assets of The CECON Group were acquired in 2015 by Becht Engineering Inc., a global company with 12 offices in the USA and Canada, extending the reach of the 2nd generation CECON into a broader array of market segments experts. In a second sale of the CECON assets early in 2019, the CECON assets of Becht Engineering were acquired by heirs of one of the original founding families who continue to operate the 3rd generation incarnation as CECON.com LLC in the same professional manner as it has since 1985.

Today, that global quality leading expertise of CECON extends as well into Research, Strategy, Business Planning, Marketing and Reputation Management / Public Affairs Advocacy, as leaders of Becht and CECON continue to work together, as well.

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