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  • Electrical Consulting: Wire and Cable, Power Conditioning and High Voltage Applications

    This practice area includes signal and power electrical technology, products and applications, such s solid state devices, wire and cable, insulation, connectors, electrical components (resistors, capacitors, amplifiers), testing, codes, and specification. Also included are high voltage applications involving power transmission and power conditioning.

    Electrical safety, safety inspections, local codes and regulations and industrial electrical standards (NEC, National Electrical Code) are important aspects of this practice. Expertise for electrical forensic investigation to determine the causes and circumstances of failure is included.

  • Electronics Consultants: PWB, photopolymers, semiconductor Design and Processing, Electronic Chemicals and Electronic Components.

    Electronics includes low voltage applications related to semiconductor devices and components. Some of the electronic areas of CECON's expertise include:

    • Printed circuit board materials and production
    • Photopolymers
    • Photomasks and resists
    • Semiconductor chip design
    • Semiconductor production and process equipment
    • CMP (chemical mechanical planarization)
    • Specialty chemicals, films, and coatings
    • IC packing
    • Sensors
    • Component packaging
    • Neural networks
    • Digital printing
    • Biomedical instruments
  • Electrical/Electronic Expert Testimony

    Over the year CECON has participated in many law cases involving this practice area. A few examples follow:

    • Expert testimony on the source and cause of an electrical fire.
    • A complex semiconductor circuit patent was granted when CECON provided an expert who declared he could understand the patent and actually construct the device, convinced the examiner to issue the patent.
    • Patent infringement in a wire and cable case.
    • Handling the sale of electronic patents for Korea.

    Find electrical consultants and electronic experts in our online database, or contact us for help to access our proprietary network of consultants.