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  • Representative Past Projects

    • Photovoltaic array: Provided marketing information on the organic resins and films used in state of the photovoltaic devices.
    • Battery: Technical assistance related to proprietary battery separators made from fluoropolymer resins.
    • Liquefaction: Chemical and mechanical engineering design for the production of a large scale Fischer Tropsch reactor.
    • Biomass: Converting biomass to liquid fuels using Fischer-Tropsch technology.
    • Energy efficiency: Thermodynamic calculations of engine concepts.
    • Waste to products: Biomass syngas to liquid products analyses.
    • Tire pyrolysis: Design and engineering for recycle tire pyrolysis facility.
    • Coal Gasifier Reactor:Developed basic engineering data for the design and operation of Fischer-Tropsch coal gasifier reactor.
    • Lump Charcoal Plant Feasibility Study: Chemical engineers developed preliminary design, investment and operating cost estimates for producing charcoal in an under-developed country. Required engineering assessment of plant and furnace options, available skill levels and safety.
    • Biomass / Syngas Conversion to Liquids: Small team developed capital and operating costs for two cases of biomass syngas conversion to liquid chemical and fuel products. Required analysis of furnace and catalyst technologies similar to traditional coal/syngas Fischer-Tropsch technology, adapted to various wood/rubber feed blends available in the U.S.

    See some of our energy experts or contact us and let us know how we can help you.

  • Batteries Solar Wind Bio-Energy

    Batteries with higher energy storage density (joules/kg); lower cost photovoltaic arrays; new materials for photovoltaic devices; fuel cell membranes and separators; fermentation and bio energy; waste recycle and heat recovery; and improved composite designs and materials for durable windmill air foils: CECON has alternate energy experts in all of these green energy technologies.

  • Combustion and Gasification

    CECON also provides energy experts for clean coal combustion, coal gasification, coal liquefaction (Fischer Tropsch), and gas to liquid (GTL) technologies. We have experts in optimizing boiler system operations, building insulation, diesel engines, furnaces, diesel particulate traps and many other conventional energy applications where efficiency, energy conservation and clean energy are important.