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Consulting in all aspects of analytical chemistry is a historical strength of CECON. But our consulting expertise has expanded to include all forms of testing and analysis, from the analysis of the composition of a material to the physical or electrical properties of a material or material system, all based on standard test methods and procedures.

Consultants specializing in solid, liquid, air borne and gases analysis are available and will consider the analysis requirements with the most modern analytical and physical testing technology available. Many testing and analytical experts have access to a variety of analytical and physical testing laboratories to conduct the necessary tests, under their supervision. CECON can provide the most simple analysis to the most complex one; one in which a variety of tests needs to be performed and correlated.

Following are selected consultants in skilled in material and chemical analysis, listed by specialty. Many other similar experts are in our Expertise Data Base. Contact a CECON specialist to help identify technical experts who exactly meet your needs.