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About LLC

CECON sources industry's best Business, Engineering, Scientific and Technical Consultants quickly, credibly and economically to address your technical or business need. Project Managers who are technically trained conduct a custom search and leverage the CECON proprietary network of consultants to locate, vet with Clients, and recommend technical experts for your consideration. We highly value rapid response, quick turnaround, and all efforts to shorten business and project timetables.

Need Help?

CECON Can Help You By - 

  • Filling an experience gap by sourcing technical engineering and business experts to firms not based in the specific subject matter or familiar with a specific industry.
  • Working with attorneys to identify technical experts and technical witnesses for patent and trade secret cases, product liability issues, and forensic investigations.
  • Providing experienced consultants that go to work immediately to resolve tough technical problems, shorten the time to market, and to improve the new product development process.
  • Providing multidisciplinary teams for a client's project, such as a preliminary design and engineering team for a new process or manufacturing plant.
  • Supplying experts to assess regulatory compliance or governmental demands, such as FDA consent decrees.
  • Providing technical due diligence services for merger & acquisition activity for venture capital and private equity firms.

Working With LLC

CECON acts as a technical expert broker by linking subject matter experts and consultants with clients requesting specific technical or business information or problem solving skills. With consultants registered in practically every U.S. state and several foreign countries, in all areas of science and engineering, we are capable of quickly linking client needs with consultant expertise and availability.

Find an Expert

  • Enter your search criteria or use the Areas of Expertise to find the category you need to find a consultant.
  • Complete the Contact Form or call to work with a CECON associate. Asking for an expert search from CECON is risk free. There is no charge for our professional search unless you engage the expert we introduce to you.

When you engage the expert from the CECON network, our fees are part of their hourly rates.

Engaging CECON

  • A technically trained CECON associate can work with the client to clearly define the type of expertise needed and establish any other consultant requirements. Often our skilled associates offer clarity on the problem definition and type of expertise needed.
  • The CECON associate will introduce the consultants to the client, and send one or more CV's for their review opposite the project requirements. If the client wishes to conduct a telephone interview with the consultant, CECON will make the arrangements. Again, there is no charge for this service.
  • When the client selects the consultant to engage, CECON will send a Client Agreement defining the terms of the engagement. All administrative and billing issues are handled by CECON.
  • Once the Client Agreement is signed, the consultant will go to work on the client's project, under the direction of the client.
  • At least monthly, CECON will invoice the client for the consultant's services.

Become a Consultant

There is no charge to join the CECON network. However, consultants are interviewed and their areas of expertise and levels of experience are assessed.

Search for an Expert

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If you have found resumes of individuals you feel fit your needs or if you need some assistance from CECON in formulating a project team, click the button below:

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