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  • Engineers and manufacturing experts in prototype development, pilot plants design and construction, manufacturing processes, machinery and equipment design, construction and use.

    CECON has assembled teams of engineering consultants and experts to develop basic technology packages needed to design and build operations. We work with engineering firms to complete the final engineering design, P&IDs, procurement, construction, and start-up.

    Some of our recent projects:

    • Coating Equipment: U.S. Team of six chemical and mechanical engineers created concepts for unique process for coating proprietary materials.
    • PTFE Technology: Russia Team of three defined the basic process and chemistry to manufacture a fluoropolymer resin with an annual capacity of 9,000 mT.
    • Biochem Plant: China Assessment of low productivity amino acid plant.
    • Polymer Plant Basic Data: U.S. Assembled the basic chemical engineering data, including Aspen process simulation, to manufacture an engineering polymer with a capacity greater than 50k mT/year
    • Coal Gasifier Reactor: U.S. Developed basic engineering data for the design and operation of Fischer-Tropsch coal gasifier reactor.
    • Inorganic Carbonate Process: Middle East Developed the basic engineering data and process to manufacture an inorganic carbonate.
    • Vinyl Chloride & Polyvinyl Chloride: South America Manufacturing design assistance for vinyl chloride monomer and polyvinyl chloride.
    • Biomass/ Syngas Conversion to Liquids: U.S. Developed capital and operating costs for furnace and catalyst technologies similar to Fischer-Tropsch for biomass syngas conversion.
    • Coal Syngas: China Engineering team of 4, including petroleum, mechanical and metallurgy specialists, delivered full-scale reactor design and catalyst recovery packages for coal syngas feed stream.

    Engineering practice areas are vast and very specialized. In many areas, CECON has just the manufacturing expert you need. In other cases, our expert staff will network with the technical consulting community to allow us to quickly locate the expert that is right for your project.