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  • World-class Chemical Consultants and Project-focused Interdisciplinary Teams

    With the company founded by DuPont scientists and engineers, CECON has a history steeped in supporting clients in the chemicals and specialty chemicals industries. With our breadth of chemical industry experience, chemical consultants, chemical engineering consultants, and project-focused interdisciplinary teams have been formed to provide the following support to clients:

    • Process flow diagrams (PFD) segmented by unit operations and sized to the capacity of the chemical, petroleum, and other and related chemical engineering processes.
    • Mass and heat balances of chemical processes.
    • Equipment identification and sizing, including heat exchangers, distillation columns, pumps, piping, vessels, storage facilities and process sensors, controls and safety systems.
    • Process chemist experts providing raw material specifications, in-process quality control, and chemical reaction kinetics that could be related to catalysis, temperature, pressure, material concentration, and other kinetic and thermodynamic issues.
    • Process design and simulations using such tools as Aspen Plus and Aspen Polymer Plus.
    • Defining the chemical processes, unit operations, mass and heat balances and other basic chemical engineering data necessary for final process design and development of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID).
    • Organic and inorganic chemists providing analyses of various materials, including: adhesives & sealants, carbohydrates , colloids, fuels/ petrochemicals, halocarbons/ fluorocarbons/ chlorofluorocarbons, hydrocarbons, monomers, solvents, minerals, salts, ceramics, pigments, metallic compounds and non-covalently linked carbon compounds, and organometallic materials (e.g. TiCl4 or (titanium tetrachloride) or SiCl2(OC2H5)2 (dichloro silane).

    See some of our chemical experts and chemical engineering experts or contact us and let us know how we can help you.