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CECON is skilled in assembling groups of technical experts that will independently investigate, evaluate and report on the uniqueness, utility, and value of technology and products that are in play for sale or purchase.

Technical experts have business and marketing experience with:

  • The valuation of Intellectual property portfolios, a discrete technology, platforms, products or product lines
  • The identification of likely buyers and sellers for the technical or business asset
  • Conducting or managing a due diligence effort to identify liabilities and the true value
  • Participating with merger and acquisition (M&A) firms in negotiations leading up to a Letter of Intent.

Below are two specialty areas with a sample of our valuation experts in the M&A area. Many other qualified consultants are listed in the Areas of Expertise . We also have additional technical experts in our proprietary CECON data base. Contact CECON to explore the possibilities and candidates that could constitute the independent council that will help you make better technology decisions.