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  • Bio Processing Technology Builds on Strong Chemical Engineering Skills

    Bio Processing is a growing area of CECON expertise with consultants available in most of the primary unit operations. CECON's strong base in chemistry and chemical engineering is a foundation for technical assistance to improve bio processes, including higher yields, more efficient separations, and lower cost production of bio products.

  • Biotechnology Consulting Expertise

    CECON biotechnology experts have years of industrial and academic experience in such areas as:

    • bio processing
    • bio chemical unit operations
    • filtrations, separation, de-watering and drying
    • chiral chemistry; chiral separation
    • liquid chromatography and HPLC
    • fermentation
    • florescences and analytical methods
    • process control and continuous process monitoring
    • molecular biology, DNA, RNA
    • proteins, peptides and amino acids
    • medicinal chemistry
    • plant chemistry
    • bio fuels and chemical feedstocks
    • FDA regulatory and compliance issues
  • Biotechnology and Intellectual Property

    Certain CECON biotechnology experts have experience in patent defense or prosecution and understand the technology nuances and advancements of the fast moving biotechnology sector. Often times chemical experts in intellectual property issues successfully shift to biotechnology.