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  • Technical Expertise to Support Financial Decisions

    CECON has provided technical support to several M&A firms to help them and their clients make better informed financial decisions. We have technical experts in more than 200 science and engineering disciplines that cover industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, biotech, and alternate energy. Many of these technical experts also skilled and have experience with technical due diligence, compliance, and valuations.

    The typical assistance we provide includes:

    • The valuation of intellectual property portfolios or technology platforms
    • Helping with identifying likely buyers and sellers for a technical or business asset
    • Conducting or managing a technical due diligence effort to identify liabilities and the true value
    • Assisting M&A firms in valuation negotiations.

    See a sample of the consultants with M&A support experience in the Areas of Expertise section.

  • Case Histories

    Here are a few recent cases where CECON was able to help its clients with technical and financial decisions:

    • For a M&A due diligence, client asked CECON to evaluate the technology and existing facilities to manufacture an ammonium sulphate fertilizer plant in South America.
    • For a technology acquisition study, client asked CECON to evaluate foreign technology for converting used tires into carbon black.
    • For a M&A study, examined the feasibility of building facilities to manufacture carbon fiber for advanced composites.
    • For a M&A due diligence, evaluated the technology to recover and isolate hydrogen sulfide from landfill operations.

    Contact CECON to explore how we can help you make better and more confident investment decisions.