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Polymer Chemist Consultant: Thermoplastics, Bio-based Polymers, Water Soluble Polymers and REACH Compliance - Technical Consultant #371

Plastic product, process and market development with focus on acrylic, methacrylic, olefinic, vinylic and styrenic copolyPolymers, optical polymers, plastics and adhesives of all types.Polymer product, process and market development.Biodegradable polymers.Biobased polymers.Water soluble polymers.Plastics recycling, and methods of recycling for municipal solid waste and tires.United Kingdom and Europe environmental regulations.REACH (Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations.Plastic packaging materials.Alkaline fuel cell development.Nanotechnology

Colloid Chemist and Polymer Consultant Specializing on Surface and Interface Chemistry - Technical Consultant #335

Colloid Chemist and Polymer Consultant Specializing on Surface and Interface ChemistryPolymer, colloid and physical chemistry.Dynamics of polymers and surface active species at interfaces.Polymer composites and nanocomposites.Polymer-solvent interactions and dynamics.Polymer characterization.Structure and dynamics in surfactant systems.Friction materials.NMR spectroscopy.EducatorTaught a variety of courses mainly in physical and polymer chemistry specializing in thermodynamics, kinetics and surfaces, polymer physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and spectroscopy.Course design: In response to departmental and campus-wide needs, developed a...

Pharmaceutical Auditor: cGMP Auditing, AMP Compliance, CMC Preparation, Veterinary Drugs, Product Formulation, Software Validation - Technical Consultant #430

cGMP Auditing, AMP; Compliance, CMC Preparation, Veterinary Drugs, Product Formulation, Software ValidationcGMP audits & amp; compliance evaluations, CMC document preparation, product formulations & design, package development, software validation, veterinary drugsExpert in: cGMP audits and compliance evaluations, CMC document preparation,product formulation and design, chemical supplies management, contractor management, package development, software validation, and veterinary drugs.Rebuilding businesses, restructuring organization and moving into new manufacturing facility.Built quality systems, rewrote SOPs, designed and implemented...

Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Expert, Including Recycling and Chemical Safety - Technical Consultant #95

Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Expert, Including Recycling, Environmental Management and Chemical SafetyPulp and Paper Manufacturing: wood pulp (bleached and unbleached, kraft, sulfite, groundwood and deinked fibers), cotton fiber pulp and various grades of paper.Extensible Paper: Installation and operation of machinery to make extensible paper by the process formerly known as the CLUPAK process.Paper mill environmental management.Paper recycling.Specialty paper product development.Paper mill chemical safety.Paper production and safety training.Expert Witness ExperienceRendered opinions and testimony preparation in a patent infringement ca...

Antimicrobial and Conductive Polymers Expert - Technical Consultant #320

Antimicrobial and Conductive Polymers Consultant with Expertise in Food Packaging and Industrial Composites and Coatings Applications.Strategy and tactics management for trade associations and for companies in dealing with regulatory agencies.Specific experience with the Silver Institute and Silver Nanotechnology Working Group in dealing with the U.S. EPA and with Europe's REACH, and success is achieved in having unfavorable criteria and policies rescinded.Electrical and optical properties of polymeric materials and their commercial applications, i.e.: Conductive polymeric systems for electronics housings, antistatic packaging and process...

Chromatography Consultant with strong academic career and expertise in Trace Analysis of Organics, Pesticides, Toxic Compounds and Bomb Residues - Technical Consultant #228

Internationally recognized expert in all types of analytical chromatography and analysis of trace organic materials.Recognized expert, researcher and author in chromatography, including:Trace analysis of organic compounds by GC, LC, GC/MS and HPLC.Trace analysis for pesticides, toxic compounds, bomb residues in air, water and soilSample preparation methods: LLE, SFE, SPME, SPE and Microwave AssistedIn-house training on GC, LC, GC/MSCZE (column zeolite extraction),SFC (size exclusion)TLC (thin layer) chromatographyLC/MS (liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry) interfaces.

Chemical Process Safety Analysis Consultant - Technical Consultant #16

Consultant in Analysis of Chemical Process Safety, Explosion Hazards, Toxic Clouds, Fire Protection, Electrical Hazards, Risk AssessmentChemical Process Safety Analysis - qualitative and quantitative analysis: fault tree analysis, failure mode and effect analysis, HAZOP, "What if...?" and checklist methods; consequence analysis (all types of explosions and fires, and toxicity), acceptability criteria (F/N and FAFR); training.Explosion Hazards Analysis - explosives; bursting containers; BLEVE's; dust/air, vapor/air, and unconfined vapor cloud explosions; explosion venting; blast effects; barricade design and evaluation; inerting; suppressi...

Ceramics Consultant: Surface and Colloidal Science; Sol Gel Processing, Aerogels Nanomaterials and Nano Fabrication. - Technical Consultant #381

Expert on ceramic sol-gel processing, colloidal chemistry, aerogels, nanotechnology with access to a laboratory for molecular scale fabrication.Synthesis and processing of novel ceramic materials for superior properties and performances.Surface and colloidal science of ceramic particles and sol-gel processing and applications, often using external forces such as radiation or magnetic/electric fields to obtain novel structure and properties.Surface and interfacial phenomena of materials including dispersion of colloidal particles, adsorption/desorption isotherms, steric stabilization of ceramic particles and self-assembly of nanostructure.S...

Environmental regulatory consultant, hazardous waste management expert - Technical Consultant #292

Environmental regulatory expert specializing in hazardous waste managementEnvironmental regulatory complianceLaboratory waste managementEnvironmental training and site auditsCorporate health and safety management1990 - Present Independent Consultant.1988 - 1990 Compliance Services, Inc., Wayne, PA, Environmental Planner:Responsible for environmental training and consulting, site audits, corporate health and safety management, project planning, and new product development. Public relations related to environmental issues, technical investigations and specialized fie...

Expert in musculoskeletal tissues, bone tissue, bioactive ceramics, hydroxyapatite and materials engineering for orthopedic and dental applications. - Technical Consultant #373

Expert in musculoskeletal tissues, bone tissue, bioactive ceramics, hydroxyapatite and materials engineering for orthopedic and dental applications.Biomaterials and tissue engineering.In vitro synthesis of musculoskeletal tissues, especially bone tissue.Controlled release of growth factors and effect of material selection.Bioactive ceramics, including hydroxyapatite, bioactive glass and bioactive composites.Porous metals, especially titanium and its alloys.Surface analysis, biocompatability and electrochemical properties, including fretting corrosion resistance.Materials engineering, mechanical properties, design and stress analysis.Orthop...