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Expert with years of experience in dry food processing and packaging and hands on operations of complex food manufacturing lines. - Technical Consultant #784

Expert with years of experience in dry food processing and packaging and hands on operations of complex food manufacturing lines.Food safety and food formulations in grain technology using semolina, farina and flour.Pasta industry expert in drying pastas and production of flour products such as noodles.Food packaging machinery, both cello bag and box technology, labeling, coding and R-D process.Formulation of manufacturing and packaging cost savings strategies with state-of-the-art equipment for dry food.Food manufacturing safety and packaging safety.

Human Implants Consultant; Medical Device Consultant - Technical Consultant #837

Consultant in materials for orthopedics products, human implantsMedical device consulting focused on materials and biocompatibilityBiopolymers and biomaterials development and fabricationSynthetic body partsBiomedical engineeringArtificial limbsOrthopedic implantsBiocompatibilityArtificial organsElastomers for biological applicationsSynthetic body parts consultant: Biomedical product development and biomaterials consulting.Senior Scientist, Director of R&D, Director of Polymer Laboratory, AcroMed CorpAccomplishments:Conducted and directed research, development and commercializ...

Mass Spectroscopy Expert: Protein Folding and Fullerene Compounds - Technical Consultant #799

Expert in analysis of protein folding, structure of fullerenes and composite life prediction due to thermal exposureResearch on protein folding using electrospray ionization techniques and sector mass spectrometers, mass spectrometricStudies of fullerenes and modified fullerenes using advanced analytical methods.Carbon fiber composite testing and reliabilityThermo oxidative degradation of polymers and polymer composites1997 - Present Washington University, Assistant Director of Mass SpectrometryLeads research group studying...

Surfactant and Surface Science Expert - Technical Consultant #895

Surfactant and Surface Science Expert with Surfactants, Colloids, and Ink Chemistry ExperienceExtensive research experience in solving fundamental and applied chemical problems.DNA surfactant interactions.Time tested skill in scientific and technical writing and in editing scientific works.Development of sterilization indicators, and reactive inks.Dispersion of pigments in solvents by surfactant and polymeric dispersants, and formulation of printing inks.Behavior of surfactants and polymers in solution and at interfaces with a special reference to adsorption at a solid/liquid and liquid/air interfaces.Polymer-surfactant interaction (biopol...

Hands on Experience in cGMP, GLP and FDA Regulatory Compliance, Blood and Plasma Processing and Laboratory Method Validation - Technical Consultant #886

Senior consultant in pharmaceutical and medical devices with emphasis in blood testingPharmaceutical and biotechnology quality assurance and control (QA, QC.)Regulatory compliance, consent decree and FDA batch record reviews-investigations; European audits.Plasma and blood collection centers and computerized donor record files.Blood and plasma quality assurance and control.Pharmaceutical QC methods development and review.Pharmaceutical validation of laboratory methods.Quality systems, quality control laboratory and development of standard operating procedures.Regulatory compliance audits; quality system audits.Vaccine stability, raw materi...

Consulting Physicist and Materials Scientist for Electronic Displays, RF Electronics, Integrated Circuits, Optical Disks - Technical Consultant #898

Physicist and materials scientist with expertise in electronic displays, LCD, RF electronics, integrated circuits, semiconductors, optical disks, prototyping, device design, cost estimates, market estimates, new products, cathodes, thin films, thick films, porous materials, superconductors.Consulting on electronic material including electronic displays, RF electronics, optical disks and semiconductors.Materials for LCD displays and related optical displays.Material research and development for integrated circuits and optical disksRapid prototyping and testing of electronic devices.Technology and enterprise development.

Formulation and Manufacture of Products Based on Softgel Capsule Technology - Technical Consultant #915

Polymer Consultant Expert in Softgel Capsule Technology and Paint Ball Formulation and ManufacturingSoftgel capsule technology for pharmaceuticals and recreational products.Chemical research related to medical polymers, analytical methods and personal care and cosmetic product formulation.Formulation of paintball fills, shells and colors.Paintball manufacturing technology.Independent Consultant, 2000 - PresentPolymer processing and paintball manufacturing technology.R. P. Scherer, Clearwater, FL, Technical Service Scientist, 1993 - 2000Devel...

FDA Foreign and Domestic Drug Investigation Consultant - Technical Consultant #884

Former FDA Expert for Global Drug CGMP InvestigationsDomestic and foreign pre-approval and CGMP Investigations.Inspect and investigate activities of pharmaceutical manufactured drugs from an FDA point of view.FDA drug foreign Investigations included pharmaceutical manufactures in Canada, Belgium, Israel, Australia, Japan, Italy and France.Conducted independent international inspections to determine compliance with CGMPs of bulk drugs, new drugs.Validation of analytical methods.Laboratory FDA certification.Independent Consultant, PresentFood and Drug Administration, Philadelphia, PA, 19...

Electronics Engineer - Technical Consultant #889

Integrated circuit design and execution, patent/legal consultantHigh Performance Integrated Circuit DesignChip OptimizationSecond Sourcing - Power reduction, speed enhancement, returning to new process Reverse EngineeringIC Designs - ROMS, DRAMS/SRAMS, Compiler/ASIC, Macros, AnalogueFull CAD Facility In-House - HSPICE, Schematic Capture, Layout Extraction, Layout Editor, DRC, LVS, SPRTopological ReviewsRadiation Analysis and Design - SEU, Transient, Total DoseMulti-Chip System InterfacingMemory Performance - Speed, Timing, PowerMemory/System CompatibilityMemory Radiation PerformanceElectrical Process CharacterizationTechnologies - Unipolar...

Electronics Physicist and Business Development Consultant - Technical Consultant #887

Experienced manager of electronics, optoelectronics, superconductivity research and new business developmentManaged R&D organizations developing: superconductivity materials and applications, semiconductor optoelectronic devices for fiber optic communications, organic light emitting diodes for displays.Part of small team that established joint venture with major telecommunications concern, identified value of their patents, prepared business plan, identified and purchased plant site.Integrated Cryoelectronics, President and CEO, cons...