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X-Ray Diffraction Analyst and Expert Witness in Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals, Determination of Polymorph Types, Structural and Failure Analysis, Metal Processing Methods - Technical Consultant #925

X-Ray Diffraction Analyst and Expert Witness in Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals, Determination of Polymorph Types, Structural and Failure Analysis, Metal Processing MethodsX-ray diffraction analysis for characterization of inorganic and organic materials.Development of X-ray diffraction techniques and equipment.Patent law, expert witness and technology related to X-ray diffraction, counterfeit pharmaceuticals, determination of polymorph types and failure analysis.Materials synthesis for ceramics and metals.Determination of polymorph types in pharmaceuticals.Development of methods for detecting counterfeit pharmaceuticals.Polymorph stabili...

Cosmetic Chemist and Cosmetic Business Development Consultant - Technical Consultant #951

Commercial Products Chemistry with Specialization in Hair Care Products, Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics. Skilled at the Chemical Analysis of Cosmetics, Foods, and Household ProductsTechnical Manager with diverse experience in industrial analytical testing laboratories, specifically pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, household products, paints coatings and cosmetics.Practiced in compendial procedures and methods including USP/NF, FCC, AOAC, ASTM and ACS.Method development and validation of analytical procedure along with designing stability programs.Laboratory management functions including sales and client contacts.Well vers...

Technology Development Consultant - Technical Consultant #952

Consultant in Practical Business Processes, Technology Product Development and Technology Planning, Market Development, Strategic Planning, Government Funding, SBIR, Appropriations, Classified Programs, Subcontracts, Negotiating, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Recruiting, Staffing, and HR Policy.Large and small business leadership.Technical business development.Government and commercial project management.Human Resource Management.Doing business with federal government agencies: processes for proposals, contracting, SBIR, appropriations, deliverables.Planning: Creating and implementing strategic goals; business transitions....

General Management of Pharmaceutical R&D for a MajorCorporation - Technical Consultant #939

Experience in domestic & international pharmaceutical research, development and general management of ethical & OTC pharmaceutical products and technologyThirty years of experience in domestic & international pharmaceutical research, development and general management of a broad range of ethical and OTC parmaceutical products and technology.Strong goal orientation, effective communication skills, proven track record, and bottom-line accountability.Significant contributions to business-wide strategic goal setting, improvement processes, outsourcing, and vendor selection.

Expert in Pharmaceutical QC and Validation Protocols for Analytical, Laboratory and Production Equipment - Technical Consultant #935

Consulting Chemist and Chemical Engineer-Validation Protocols for Analytical EquipmentPharmaceutical and medical device process and equipment validation.Pharmaceutical quality control, quality review of pre-BLA (Biologic License Application) drug product, and stability analysis.Validation of HPLC, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, particle size analyzer, and atomic absorption instruments.Created and wrote IQ/OQ validation protocols for sterile washers, dry heat ovens, and robotic filling and capping equipment used in aseptic manufacturing of implantable controlled release systems.Executed validation protocols for fluid bed granulators, tablet pres...

Consultant bioengineer expert in biomaterial science, nanotechnology, biosynthesis for polymeric biomaterials for implants and drug delivery. - Technical Consultant #959

Consultant bioengineer expert in biomaterial science, nanotechnology, biosynthesis of polymeric biomaterials for implants and drug delivery.Synthesis of biomaterials and biomineralization, wherein a living organism provides an environment that controls the nucleation and growth of unique mineral phases.Synthesis and characterization of self-assembly of block copolymers.Nanostructured composites and polymeric biomaterials production and analysis.Consulting on artificial implants, drug delivery systems and medical devices

Biocompatible Polymer-Drugs, Drug Delivery Polymer Synthesis Consultant: Polymer Technology, Polyester, Polyanhydride, Polysaccharide, Side Chain Polymers, Drug Delivery Polymers, Synthesis, Fabrication, Testing and Use; IP Portfolio Analysis - Technical Consultant #982

PhD Polymer Chemist with Expertise in Drug Delivery Polymers: Synthesis, Fabrication and Application. Polyester, Polyanhydride, Polysaccharide, Side Chain Polymers; IP Portfolio Analysis.Drug delivery polymers: synthesis, fabrication and application.Polyester and polyanhydride technology: Chemistry and fabrication (fibers, films, coatings, etc.)Liquid crystal polyesters and other LC polymers.Nonlinear and electroactive polymers.Acrylic and methacrylic side chain polymers.Polysaccharide chemistry and application.Synthetic water soluble polymers.Polyester textile applications.Polymer synthesis and application.Strategic patent searching and...

Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineer Specializing in Energy Generation and Hazardous Waste Recycling - Technical Consultant #1001

Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineer Specializing in Energy Generation and Hazardous Waste RecyclingNonferrous Metal Refining;(Cu, Mg, PM, Zn, Pb, Ni, Co)Inorganic specialty and bulk chemicals;(carbamates, AHF, sulfates, ammonium sulfate, chlorides, acid, bases).Energy generation; (coal hydrogenation, coal gasification, hydrogen generation).Ceramics; (Ni3Al, SiC whiskers, sol gel reactions).Hazardous waste recycling;(K061, F006, SPL, copper chemicals).Industrial waste treatment;(heavy metals, coagulants, polymers).Electrochemical systems; (Cu and Zn electrolysis, solid electrolytes, Mg cells.)Process flow diagrams, (concept to reality) and equip...

Energy and Environment Conservation Optimization Consultant - Technical Consultant #978

Air, Water and Solid Waste Control System Consultant and Expert WitnessResearch, marketing and engineering group management and organization development.Project management experience in the U.S. and internationally: Canada, Italy, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia.Technical marketing experience in the U.S., Latin America, China, Japan, India and Thailand.Air, solid waste and water pollution control system development, design and training.Energy and environment interface, including greenhouse gases and climate change.Technical seminar - training sessions for engineers (air pollution measurement, emission control technologies and identificati...

Expert Witness and Pesticide Consultant Specializing in Pesticide Regulations, Environmental Investigations and Consumer Safety - Technical Consultant #1023

Expert witness, pesticide consultant, insecticide,herbicide pesticide regulations, environmental investigations, environmental crimes, white collar crime, civil and criminal investigations, consumer safety, worker safety, EPA executive, USDA, training, PCB, methyl parathionPesticide (insecticide, herbicide) regulations and incident investigations.Public speaking regarding to pesticides and pesticide regulation and enforcement.Extensive experience in enforcement and compliance with environmental regulations - especially in regards to federal compliance and enforcement of insecticide, herbicide and other pesticide materials.Knowledgeable of...