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World Class Manufacturing Consultant for Design, Building, and Improving Performance in Manufacturing Plants - Technical Consultant #1773

Manufacturing Consultant with Broad Expertise in Design, Construction, and Process Optimization Across Several IndustriesInnovative, results orientated and profit focused, with an exceptional record of accomplishment of achievement in the manufacturing sector.Former Operations Director (in a manufacturing company of 350 staff) and highly successful General Manager of a manufacturing plant with over 600 employees (in a highly unionized environment).Coach plant managers to optimize performance for their manufacturing operations.Described by European client as "one of the best in the world" in the successful management of complex operations a...

Polymer Process and Emulsion Polymerization Chemical Engineer - Technical Consultant #1783

Polymer Process and Emulsion Polymerization Chemical Engineer with Latex ExperienceStyrene butadiene rubber and latex chemistry and technology.Emulsion polymerization specialist in high solid latex area.Polypropylene polymerization technologies.Conventional slurry process polymerization and copolymer polymerization technologies.Polymer synthesis, polymer films, polymer manufacturing and chemical reactions on polymers.General knowledge of polymers process production technologies all major chemicals, catalysts and additives.Process feasibility studies and project management and process commissioning.Polymer synthesis and manufacturing proces...

Mechanical Process Design Expert for Hydrometallurgy Plants - Technical Consultant #1834

Mechanical Process Design Expert for Hydrometallurgy PlantsSummaryProcess and project engineering, project management and intensive examination of structural, mechanical and electrical aspect of process systems and the organizational system of plant design,building, operation and maintenance.Mechanical design of large size equipment made of plastic materials such as FGRP.Chlor-alkali industry and organic chlorinations.Bromine industry and organic brominations.Hydrometallurgy plants especially molybdenum.Knowledgeable of rhenium/osmium recovery.Automatic continuous ion exchange systems.Smelting of quartz into silicon metal.Utilities for che...

Chemical Engineer with Expertise in Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Hydrocarbon and Energy Conversion - Technical Consultant #1867

Chemical Engineer with Expertise in Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Hydrocarbon and Energy ConversionTechnical support for chemical process development and design.Developing, designing and improving hydrocarbon process technologies.Catalyst and process development, scale-up, demonstration plant, design, operating and safety procedures.Petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, and hydrocarbon and energy conversion processes.Marketing technical support, publications, presentations and client communications.Analysis and interpretation of lab and plant data.Fluidized-bed (and other) reactor systems.Cold flow models.Exothermic and endothermic...

Polymer Process Technology Expert, Specializing in Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) - Technical Consultant #1919

Polymer Process Technology Expert, Specializing in PVA, Vinyl Acetate Emulsions, Epoxy Hardeners, and SurfactantsTechnology management - global research and development, technology assessments and needs analysis, project prioritization.Polymer processes and manufacture.Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and vinyl acetate emulsion process development and scale-up.Industrial gases applications.Project portfolio management.Rheology investigations for quality coatings.Risk assessment of technical programs.Pilot plant design and operation.Stage gate process for new product development.

Chemical Process Consultant: PVA Technology, Controls Development and Process Development. - Technical Consultant #1934

Chemical Process Consultant specializing in PVA Technology, Controls Development and Process DevelopmentSpecialist in the areas of chemical process evaluation, troubleshooting and process hazards analysis and chemical engineering scope development.Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA. PVOH) processing technology.Continuous chemical process improvements by systematic analysis, optimization and re-define processes resulting in significant improvements.Chemical process flow sheet and unit operation development.Proven record of innovation and cost savings.Statistical process control design.Uranium conversion technology.

Fluoropolymer Product Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing Expert - Technical Consultant #1955

Fluoropolymer Expert with Over 30 years of Experience in Product Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing, including DistributionBroad based fluoropolymer industry experience (33 years).Distribution of fluoropolymer resins.Sales and business development of Teflon® fluoropolymers.Leadership responsibilities in sales and marketing and manufacturing and plant operations.New product development for Teflonfluoropolymers.Fluoropolymer polymerization and related manufacturing management experience.Deep understanding of PFOA (C8) surfactant issues and impact on manufacturers and product processing and properties.Intellectual property protecti...

Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Validation for Facilities, Equipment and Bioprocessing Systems - Technical Consultant #2008

Bioprocess Engineering in Technology Transfer, GMP Manufacturing, Scale-Up, FMEA, CAPA for the Pharmaceutical IndustryBioprocess engineering specific to equipment (equipment reliability and maintenance), systems and facilities.Bioprocess validation (aseptic processes, equipment, systems, facilities and cleaning).Technological process scale-up from bench top to pilot and commercial manufacturing.Biological active compounds and nanoparticle based drug delivery systems.cGMP manufacturing of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.Technology transfer to a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) in Canada and U.S.A.Documentation review...

Fluoropolymers Chemist - Coatings and Surfactants Development Consultant - Technical Consultant #2038

Coating Expert for Products in Textiles, Paper, Stone Floor Products Derived from Fluorosurfactants, Fluoroprotectants, FluoroalcoholsSynthetic organic chemistry, organo-fluorine, polymer chemistry, hydroboration, reduction, hydrocyanation, and diazonium chemistry.Fluorosurfactants, fluoroprotectants, fluoroalcohols, chemical processing of fluoroiodide through alcohol to finished products.Development of emulsion fluoropolymers used for coating products for textiles, paper, stone and floor products.Development of small molecule fluoro products such as surfactants for paints.Product development from products downstream of TFE.Six Sigma Bl...

Food, Feed, and Industrial Enzymes Microbiologist and Regulatory Expert - Technical Consultant #2047

Fermentation Expert in Compliance Activities, FDA API Manufacturing (US and European sites) Commercialization, FSMA PCQ1 trainer, Development of Procedures Laboratory Methodology and TrainingRegulatory support for organizations dealing with new product approvals and introduction, expanding operations, technology transfer, and changing customer, regulatory or certification requirements.FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliance in regulatory analysis, strategies and meeting deadlines.FSPCA Lead Instructor (Human Foods Certified and Animal Foods Certified), providing PCQI training to industry and regulatory agencies, including FDA.Preve...