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Bioprocessing Engineering and Polymeric Biomaterials Expert - Technical Consultant #2357

Life Science Consultant with expertise in Biologics, Cell Therapies, Nanotechnology, and Medical DevicesBiomolecular and bioprocessing engineering in the tissue-cell culture processing, polymeric biomaterials, surface chemistry, and medical industries.Skin care, biosensors, biologics, and regenerative medicine.Cancer immunotherapy-suspension cell culture in bioreactors, including review of iCELLis and wave technologies.Specific ServicesCAPA Investigator and Coach for Root Cause Analysis.QbD Process Development Scientist (PAT, DOE).Quality Compliance Auditor.Upstream and downstream biologics GMP manufacturing.Drug delivery systems.Nanotechn...

Petroleum Process Design and Economic Evaluation Consultant - Technical Consultant #2380

Chemical Engineer with expertise in FEL (Front End Loading) processes design and economic analysis for Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylate- High Octane RefineriesPetroleum refining business development management for the petrochemical and chemical industries.Petroleum project scope development, detailed process design, and project justification economics.Computer modeling of processing units on simulators (HYSIM, HYSYS, Aspen).Design and evaluation of petroleum processing equipment.Operating unit revamps and debottlenecking with key in process design.Identify plant environmental concerns and EPA regulations.FEL (Front End Loading) processes design...

Chemical Engineering: Business Development, Technology Marketing, Cross Function-Process Design, and Operations Consultant - Technical Consultant #2372

Chemical Engineering Strategy and Formulation Expertise in the Pharmaceutical, BioRefinery, Polysilicon-Solar Wafer and Perfumery Products Markets.Market research of green chemicals.Well versed with ChemCAD.Field experience in production and project.Green chemicals, Polymers, perfumery chemicals, ethanol and derivatives.Basic Engineering of 20 TPD biodiesel plant.Basic engineering of revamp of molasses to yeast plant.Basic engineering of 10 K TPA, maleic anhydride plant.Market research report on green chemicals, maleic anhydride.Cost estimation of catalyst project.

Power Plant Instrumentation, Process Control, and Flow Measurement Expert - Technical Consultant #2394

Electrical Consultant with expertise in Utility and Instrumentation Engineering for the Nuclear Power, Incinerator, Boiler, Electrical Power Plants, Waste Water Plants and Energy IndustriesConsumer guides for various flow and level measurement technologies in municipal and manufacturing industries.Industrial flow measurement, instrumentation and process control.Variable speed drives.Hazard reviews.Energy conservation, system efficiency, system simplification, operating flexibility, reliability and maintainability.Regulatory and safety: RCRA, cGMP and NFPA/NEC - Waste and hazardous waste water.Perform flow laboratory uncertainty analysis.P...

PVC, Polyurethane, Polypropylene Product Development Chemist Consultant - Technical Consultant #2437

Ph.D. Organic Chemist with expertise in Exterior Buiilding Products (PVC-Polyurethane-Polypropylene) Scale-Up Lab Reactions to Full Production, Safety Trainer, Manufacturing, and Patent FilingsPhotochemistry and reaction mechanisms for production of organic compounds and chemistry.Compounds and products in: Polyurethane, PVC, polypropylene, and fiber cement, siding, decking, shingles, fencing and windows.Provides long-term weathering studies in exterior housing and building products.Safety trainer in class room and on site; (diisocyanates), equipment, procedures, and processes.Patent filing, working with attorneys and patent agents regard...

Cooling Water, Waste Water, Boiler Industrial Water Treatment Expert - Technical Consultant #2430

Industrial Water Treatment Consultant in Cooling Water, Chemical Cleaning, Waste Water Treatment, Process Chemical Treatment, and Paper Chemicals TreatmentDomestic and international field service and troubleshooting for municipalities, major chemical producers, refineries and petroleum manufactures.Boiler and cooling water, chemical cleaning, waste water treatment, process chemical treatment, paper chemicals treatment, oil production chemicals, and municipal water preparation.Designed and service water treatment programs (I.e., Isomax) waste heat boilers and cooling system.Problem corrections problems from previous activities and vendors,...

Petroleum Refining Hydrocarbon, FCC, and Aromatics Extraction Chemical Engineering Consultant - Technical Consultant #2194

Large Unit Petroleum Refinery Equipment Technical Supervisor and FCC Subject Matter ExpertField experienced in hydrocarbon refining processes, system dynamics, project management.Successful in collaborative, profitable operations and improvements on premier processes over 33 years of multi-faceted engineering roles.Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) process engineering for high profit, large unit refineries.Equipment mapping, new systems start-up and test runs monitoring, optimization, and catalyst selections.Units - Crude; vacuum, light ends - gas recovery treating, Merox, Amine, fractionators, desulfurization Units - Naphtha through gas oil...

Petroleum Alkylation Operations Expert - Technical Consultant #2189

Refinery Operations and Start up Technical Expert, with Specializing in HAZOP, Refinery Expansion, Risk Analysis, and Process OptimizationDistillation, performance fluids, FCCU, reforming, hydrogen, sulfur, GOFining alky, and higher olefins.Recognized as an alkylation operations expert by ExxonMobil.Safe operations, HAZOP, risk analysis, and equipment strategy development.Refinery expansion, risk analysis, and process optimization.Undisclosed Company, Senior Engineering Advisor, PresentProjectsStart-up A...

Refinery Plant Noise and Vibration Control, Flares Technical Expert - Technical Consultant #2214

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer with Expertise in Noise Control, Engineering Acoustics, and FlaresThirty years ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company technical specialist, with experience resolving numerous plant noise and flare problems for worldwide refining, chemical, and production facilities.Mechanical engineering specific to; noise control, engineering acoustics, and flares.Undisclosed Company, Senior Technical Advisor, PresentProviding worldwide consulting for the refinery, chemical, and production facilities industries.ExxonMobile Research an...

Petrochemical Separation Process Engineer Consultant - Technical Consultant #2219

Chemical Engineer Specializing in Fractionation and Distillation Processes, Debottlenecking Projects, and Waste Management ConsultationThirty years of experience in fractionation, distillation, and other separation processes for the petroleum and chemical industries.Areas of expertise include separation sequence development, FCC flue gas scrubbing, modeling and simulation using commercial (PRO/II) and other proprietary simulators, troubleshooting, debottlenecking, operations support, and waste water stream treatment.