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Refinery Plant Noise and Vibration Control, Flares Technical Expert - Technical Consultant #2214

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer with Expertise in Noise Control, Engineering Acoustics, and FlaresThirty years ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company technical specialist, with experience resolving numerous plant noise and flare problems for worldwide refining, chemical, and production facilities.Mechanical engineering specific to; noise control, engineering acoustics, and flares.Undisclosed Company, Senior Technical Advisor, PresentProviding worldwide consulting for the refinery, chemical, and production facilities industries.ExxonMobile Research an...

Petrochemical Separation Process Engineer Consultant - Technical Consultant #2219

Chemical Engineer Specializing in Fractionation and Distillation Processes, Debottlenecking Projects, and Waste Management ConsultationThirty years of experience in fractionation, distillation, and other separation processes for the petroleum and chemical industries.Areas of expertise include separation sequence development, FCC flue gas scrubbing, modeling and simulation using commercial (PRO/II) and other proprietary simulators, troubleshooting, debottlenecking, operations support, and waste water stream treatment.

Renewable and Fossil Fuels Catalyst Product and Process Development Consultant - Technical Consultant #2305

Chemical Process and Heterogeneous Catalyst Consultant for Gas Treatment, Hazardous Waste Recycling, Renewable Chemicals and PolymersChemical process and heterogeneous catalyst consulting in various industries.Environmental projects including gas treatment, hazardous waste recycling, renewable chemicals and polymers.Commercial development of product and processes for both renewable and fossil fuels.New chemistry, catalyst application and process development projects, working with both established and start-up companies.Biofuel process modifications to increase yields and lower capital and operation costs.Hydroprocessing including hydrocrac...

Fine Chemicals, Coatings and Encapsulation, and Controlled Delivery Consultant - Technical Consultant #2320

Ph.D. Chemical Engineer with Expertise in Fine Chemicals, Nanolayer Coating and Encapsulation, Controlled Delivery Systems, Carbon Nanotubes and Nano CompositesBusiness Process Excellence E2E: Sales and marketing, research and development-Engineering-system center operations.Chemical, materials, bio manufacturing processing.Technology innovation and transfer.Project Management.Certified supply chain professional (CSCP).Particle science and technology: Milling, dispersion, coating and encapsulation.Material handling in chemicals, electronics, polymers (film and fibers), pigment and coatings, food, biomaterials, and pharmaceuticals.Research...

Electric Generating Plants-Reciprocating Engine Fueled Plants and Boiler Islands Consultant - Technical Consultant #2447

Electrical Power Plant Expert: Functional Performance, Upgrading Existing Facilities, Crafting Equipment and EPC ContractsPower plant boiler applications, fuels, applications, emissions compliance, and reciprocating engine applications.Technical and business development for international power generation entities in Europe and the Middle East.Focused Power Generation ActivitiesLarge reciprocating engine peaking power plantsFlexible generation's effect on power gridsBase loaded reciprocating engine power plantEmulsified heavy tars as fuel for SAGD processFirming wind power with natural gasBitumen use in fuel oil production from oil sandsPea...

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing and Polymer Compounding Consultant - Technical Consultant #2072

Specialty Chemicals, Extrusion Process Design, Compounding-Plastics and Processes ProficientPlastic pipe manufacturing.Extrusion process design.Compounding plastics and processes.Quality management and continuous improvement/ISO 9001 implementation.6 sigma analysis for chemical and extrusion processes.Scale up of chemical processes.Product cost and business analysis.Product pricing and market segmentation for specialty chemicals.Production forecasting modeling.Expert Witness ExperienceManaged all claims for a well-known petroleum municipal distributor.

Food Processing Expert Specializing in Edible Oils, Vegetable and Animal Fat Processing - Technical Consultant #1965

Ph.D. Food Processing Consultant Experienced in All Aspects of Food Processing, with Broad Background in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Food Chemistry, and Analytical TechniquesFood processing chemistry in all aspects of food processing with experience and knowledge in; chemical engineering, chemistry, food chemistry, food processing, analytical techniques and raw material sources and evaluation. Research and focus to vegetable oil and animal fat processing technology and providing technical science in oils and fats, food processing and process Intensification. . Over 30 years’ agriculture process improvements and consulting in ed...

Acrylic Emulsion Polymerization Expert and Process Consultant with Expertise in Ink Jet Ink Pigments and Dispersion - Technical Consultant #1664

Expert in acrylic emulsion polymerization chemical engineering, ink jet and pigment dispersion and coating rheology.Emulsion polymerization, process development, scale up, process control and steam stripping.Emulsion polymerization operational excellence.Effect of mixing and process variables on polymerization process.Quality, SPC, productivity, process safety of emulsion polymerization processes.Ultra low VOV latex.Intellectual Properties (IP) landscape mapping, new process pipeline initiative.China joint venture (equipments modification, technology transfer, startup the new plant, training, raw material qualification, QC).Continuously po...

Industrial Engineering -EPC: Commissioning, Start-Up & Operations Expert - Technical Consultant #2535

Project Engineering Management in Various Industries & Various Chemical Processes, Civil Engineering, Leadership and Coaching Summary  Experienced Project Manager and Engineer, with a chemical process engineering background managing complex project teams in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), commissioning, start-up and operation stages.  Project team leadership and a multidiscipline engineer; drafting teams, providing direction and coaching. Liquid H2S; Handling, storage and vaporization. Heavy oil upgrading. Heavy oil dewatering and desalting. Oil and gas pipelines Gas treatment processes. Produced wate...

Refinery and Petrochemical Design, Simulation, and Operations Consultant - Technical Consultant #1607

Petroleum Refinery and Chemical Plant Chemical Engineer with expertise in Design, Simulation, P&IDs, Heat and Material Balances, and Capital Equipment EstimatesPetroleum plant and refiners design and operations in petrochemical and fine chemicals manufacturing plants and processes.Front-end engineering and design including process flow diagrams, P&IDs, heat and material balances and to analyze difficult chemical processing issues.Process simulation using Design II Winsim (Chemshare), Simsci's Process, Aspen, HYSYS and HYSIM.Process simulations experience: Petroleum refining - crude distillation, vacuum distillation, reforming, hydrotreati...