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Pharmaceutical Process Engineer: Scale-up, Manufacturing and Process Troubleshooting - Technical Consultant #1622

Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Process Engineer: Spray Congealing, Spray Drying, Fluid Bed Coating and Fluid Bed GranulationPharmaceutical process and product development.Design and development of unusual and novel pharmaceutical processes and dosage forms.Extensive experience from initial process development to commercialization.Process evaluation - process design, develop, scale-up, robustness, troubleshooting.Mass Transport and unit operations.Extensive experience in unit operations in pharmaceutical processing development to commercialization:GranulationCompressionExtrusion (melt extrusion and continuous granulation)Spray congealingSpray...

Organic Chemistry in Technical Innovation for Top Brands-Fortune 10 Food Companies, and Venture Capital with Multifaced Business and Scientific Analy - Technical Consultant #2559

A Creative Scientist with Proven, Leadership & Business Skills. Extensive Contributions to Top Brands for Fortune 10 Food Companies. Venture Capital Skills in all Phases of Business and Scientific AOrganic Chemist: Trained with deep knowledge and experience in nearly all food systems and technologies. Proficient in food chemistry, thermal analysis, statistical experimental design, polymer chemistry, food microstructure and all food macromolecules. Developed and taught curriculum on water in foods, coating technology, starch and hydrocolloids. Food Product Creator: Baked goods, beverages, teas, snacks, cereals, bars, nutritional supple...

Chemical Process Consultant: PVA Technology, Controls Development and Process Development. - Technical Consultant #1934

Chemical Process Consultant specializing in PVA Technology, Controls Development and Process DevelopmentSpecialist in the areas of chemical process evaluation, troubleshooting and process hazards analysis and chemical engineering scope development.Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA. PVOH) processing technology.Continuous chemical process improvements by systematic analysis, optimization and re-define processes resulting in significant improvements.Chemical process flow sheet and unit operation development.Proven record of innovation and cost savings.Statistical process control design.Uranium conversion technology.