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Textile Fiber Engineering, Testing and Textile Forensic Consultant - Technical Consultant #791

Expert for Textile Fiber and Fabric Design, Characterization, Testing and Troubleshooting for all Phases of Textile ManufacturingDetermination of the cause of problems associated with the appearance and/or performance of textile materials in all forms (fibers, yarns, fabrics, end products).Review of performance, appearance, and quality of textile material and fabrics.Developing and/or improve textile products based on the engineered design of textile structures.Textile manufacturing processes,(including spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing).Textile testing and characterization including leadership in ASTM Fiber Techn...

Intellectual property strategist and technology valuation expert - Technical Consultant #1236

Intellectual property strategist and technology valuation expertTechnology licensing, particularly chemicals and polymers.Negotiations associated with technology licensing.Trademark licensing programs.Development of strategies to beneficially use patent estate to satisfy Federal regulations.Development of and support for historic corporate IP donation programs.Kevlar;® and Nomex;® aramid fiber applications technology and business development.Independent Consultant, 2004 - PresentMaintained a leadership role and generated target revenues in licensing selected polymeri...

Polymer Consultant and Expert Witness: Natural Fibers, Composite Products, Barrier Film and Plastic Forming Technology - Technical Consultant #1414

Polymer Consultant and Expert Witness: Natural Fibers, Composite Products, Barrier Film and Plastic Forming Technology Chemicals, polymers and related plastic forming techniques. Expert witness. Natural fibers plastic composites. Thermal, mechanical, and rheological barrier properties of materials. Plastic film properties including dimensional stability, optical properties, adhesive and cohesive failure, occurrence of gel defects, and bubble instability during blown film process.Chemicals, polymers and related plastic forming techniques.Natural fibers plastic composites.Thermal, mechanical, and rheological barrier properties of materi...

Chemical Engineering Consultant Specializing In Nylon Fiber Production, Fiber Spinning and Fiber Design - Technical Consultant #1570

Fiber Spinning Consultant and World Class Expert on Fiber Cross-Section, Spinneret and Bulking Jet DesignPolymer science and fiber engineering with broad expertise in many phases of fiber production technology.Melt spinning fundamentals, fiber morphology, structure-property relationships.Fiber engineering, cross-section technology expert, spinneret design and bulking jet design.Pigmented fiber spinning fundamentals.Polymer engineering and polymer blends.Fiber surface characteristics; ink jet printing.Yarn processing technology: Dyeing, heat setting, twisting and air-entangling.Nylon fiber waste recycling.

Physical Chemist Consultant with Focus on Fiber Structure, Dyeable Fibers, Carbon Fibers, Nylon, Organic Fibers, Kevlar and Fiber Spinning - Technical Consultant #1567

Physical Chemist Consultant with Particular Focus on Yarns, Dyeable Fibers, Carbon Fibers, Nylon, Organic Fibers, Kevlar and SpinningOrganic fiber manufacturing process and fine structure and property relationships.Real time in process structure measurement: X-ray and Raman.Fiber characterization, both fine structure and macroscopic properties.Translation of fiber fine structure to functional properties, e.g. tensile, dye, elongation.Translation of fiber properties to final product strength in spun yarns and spun-bonded non-wovens.Staple yarn spinning (OES), process characterization, product development.Processing, structure, property re...

Chromatography and Spectroscopy for Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Medical Packaging - Technical Consultant #1577

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemist for Polymer Extractables and Environmental Contaminates. Chromatography and Spectroscopy for Organic Molecules and Elastomer Polymers.Analytical chemistry problem solving - chromatography, spectroscopy, wet chemistry.Analytical methods development - chromatography: HPLC, GC, GC/MS, LC/MS, GPC, SFC, SEC, and IC.Ancillary analytical techniques: ICP, FTIR, TGA, NMR, AA, SEM, and XRF.Analytical testing: Pharmaceuticals, polymer extractables and environmental contaminants.Extractable and leachables from elastomer/polymer components of drug vial stoppers, IV set injection ports, IV bag ports, and baby bottle...

Nonwoven Expert Specializing in Applications for Cleanrooms and Industrial and Household Dry and Wet Wiping Materials - Technical Consultant #1638

Nonwoven Textile Product and Application Development Expert and ConsultantForty years technical experience in nonwovens and fibers (PET staple, Lycra® nylon, PET spunbonded, PP spunbonded, PET and PET/woodpulp spunlaced).Design of Cleanroom fabrics having low particles and fiber shedding.Analytical methods development for characterization of nonwovens, (fiber shedding, particle generation, dynamic wiping efficiency, cleaning ability, rate of sorption).Spunlaced processing, entanglement, including three product and one process patent.Method development of Finish-on-Fiber analysis in staple form."Instant" method development for deductio...

International Fiber Reinforced Composites and Chemical Processing Expert - Technical Consultant #1722

International Fiber Reinforced Composites and Chemical Processing Expert in Marine and Construction IndustriesCommercialize innovative processing technology for composite wind and water turbine blades.Develop and further composites use worldwide.Developing commercial submerged ocean current turbines.Invented, designed and developed fiberglass reinforcing bars for Polymer and Portland cement based concretes.Invented, designed and developed fiberglass bars used in toxic waste sites.Developed precast Polymer and Portland cement based concrete structures used in waste water and industrial facilities.Polymer concrete structures for bank vaults...

Polypropylene Technical and Marketing Expert - Technical Consultant #1763

Polypropylene Technical and Marketing Expert in consumer, medical and industrial polyolefin marketsSenior Plastics Consultant with a marketing and finance MBA.Extensive new business and application development of polyolefins, bringing 28 years of experience.Created a technical team for a grassroots polypropylene plant.In depth understanding of polyolefin products, processes and applications.Detailed knowledge of the consumer, medical and industrial polyolefin markets.Technical and marketing support to Asia, South America and Africa for over seven years.Merger and acquisition evaluations.

New Business Management, Commercial and Product Development - Technical Consultant #1997

New Business Development, Sales and Marketing, and Research and Development Management in Fluoropolymer and Specialty Materials Related to the Fiber and Yarn, Wire and Cable, Tubing and Film, Coatings and Polymer Additive IndustriesDiverse experience in fluoropolymers and plastics industries.New business development, sales and marketing, research and development management.Product development and international coordination with direct responsibility for multi-million dollar operating budgets and capital programs.Sales and marketing of fluoropolymer products PTFE, PFA, MFA, FEP, ECTFE, ETFE, CTFE, PVDF, PTFE and fluoroelastomers into the fi...