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Oil and Gas Fracking Expert: Well Completions, Interventions and Waterlines - Technical Consultant #2163

Nuclear, Hydraulic Fracking, Oil and Gas Expert Engineer with Federal and State Regulatory ExperienceNuclear reload core design.Oil and gas completions.Oil and gas well intervention.Pipeline construction management.Project management in nuclear, oil and gas, construction.Hydraulic Fracking: Project management, contracting, well completions, well interventions, and waterlines.Nuclear: Project management, specific technologies - incore and environmental.Regulatory: Federal and State permits and codes, environmental, including encroachments, wetland and wildlife.

Refinery Turbine and Compressor Engineering Consultant - Technical Consultant #2180

Rotating Equipment Expert with broad experience in equipment health monitoring, facilities design, operation, and maintenancThirty-five years of broad experience in equipment health monitoring, facilities design, operation, maintenance, and project development for rotating equipment.Worked on new machines and rerates with most major machinery vendors.Good knowledge of all machinery materials construction and API machinery specifications.Qualified in research and engineering work processes (specific to ExxonMobil) in project development, NPQC, design audits.Perform design audit analysis such as performance models, lateral critical speed ana...

Refinery and Chemical Industry Technology Management Expert - Technical Consultant #2181

Chemical Engineer and Associate Professor, Specializing in Technology Development and Management, Strategic Planning, Business DevelopmentPetroleum refining and chemicals technology with strong emphasis in technology management and strategic planning.Transformer oil management.Catalyst technology.Undisclosed Company, PresentSenior Consultant evaluating and coordinating biomass fuel, chemical, and renewable energy ventures.Sunoco, Corporate Director of TechnologyServing in various management positions of...

Thermal Fluid Systems and Explosive Engineering Expert for the Petrochemical, Nuclear, and Aerospace Industries - Technical Consultant #2377

Petrochemical Thermal-Fluid Systems Analysis and Design Expert for the Oil and Gas, Defense, Nuclear, and Aerospace Industries Domestic and Abroad.Risk analysis, the assessment of facilities to withstand explosions and fires, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), combustion analysis, and explosives engineering.Development and application of numerical modeling tools to characterize problems.Developed an analysis tool titled RisqCAD to determine release rates from process failures and the associated gas dispersion and fires.Developed a CFD based analysis tool to analyze the vulnerability of facilities to accidental explosions, it is now licens...

Chemical and Bio-Processes Engineer: Bioenergy and Biofuels Consultant - Technical Consultant #2398

Chemical and Bioprocess engineering of 35 years in chemical engineering unit operations, advances in Downstream operations, enhanced oil recovery in oil and gas engineering.Biochemical and bioprocess engineering.Food engineering.Green chemical engineering and technology.Biomass, bioenergy, and bioprocess engineering; high value products from agro-waste, downstream operations of oil and gas engineering, and enhanced oil recovery.Enzyme engineering and design of enzyme encapsulated reactors.Waste to wealth.Fermentation technology.Biofuels design and construction of biodiesel plant.Undisclosed Technology Institute, Professor-Chemical and Biop...

Energy Engineering: Oil and Gas Projects and Operations Expert - Technical Consultant #2484

Engineering Project Execution, Start-Up and Operations for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries ConsultingSummary Electrical Engineer supplying over forty years of experience serving, as a Director, General Manager, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Interface Manager, Contract Manager or Project Engineer. Heading multidisciplinary projects, as Senior Engineer or Department Chief for Electrical, Control, Instrumentation and Project Development (i.e., Conceptual, FEED, Basic, Detail, EPC, LSTK). Other engineering services, offshore or inland, for power generation plants (oil or gas fired, GCC or alternative); ind...

Chemical Engineer 38 Years of Consulting Experience in Global Process Industries Related to Polymers, Refinery Operations, Chemical and Biochemical Products. - Technical Consultant #1493

Chemical engineer for front end process design specializing in polymers, refinery operations, chemicals and biochemical products.Chemical engineering consulting for 38 years with extensive global experience in the process industries, primarily related to polymers, refinery operations, chemical and biochemical products.Supervising start up and commissioning of new chemical plants.Lead chemical engineer of many projects, with responsibility for all aspects of planning, process design and supervision of other engineers.Process engineer on a nuclear waste disposal project in the United Kingdom.Experienced in fast track front-end process engin...

Petroleum Industry Fired Heat Transfer Equipment Consultant - Technical Consultant #2207

Refinery Heat Transfer Equipment Mechanical Engineer Consultant with Expert Knowledge in Fired Equipment Operations, Plant Expansions, and Corporate TrainingRefinery heat transfer equipment in fired equipment operations, plant expansions, and corporate training.Over thirty years of experience with Exxon Research and Engineering, involved primarily with fired heat transfer equipment.Plant start-up.Technical advisor on incinerator barge in Prince William Sound during Valdez oil spill clean-up.Fired equipment operations optimization and training of refinery employees.

Petroleum and Energy Fixed Equipment Engineering Expert - Technical Consultant #2206

Mechanical Engineer with Expert Technical Knowledge of Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, and Multiple Petroleum ReactorsPressure vessels, storage tanks, and multiple petroleum reactors.Cost effectiveness in low alloy heavy wall reactors.Worldwide recognition for fixed equipment shop qualification and mechanical engineering of complex heavy wall reactor vessels (including innovative, cost effective, reactor vessel revamps).Develop Inspection Test Practices (ITP).Undisclosed Company, Senior Technology Advisor, PresentDevelope...

Refinery Petroleum - Petrochemical Process Safety Expert - Technical Consultant #2196

Technical Petroleum and Petrochemical Knowledge in Refinery Operational Excellence, Oil Spill and Fire Emergency Response and Litigation.Petroleum and petrochemical technical refinery operations excellence in, oil spill, fire emergency response, and litigation.Over forty years of experience in all aspects of refining, including personnel selection and development, line operations (P/M/T) of global refineries.Operations safety, increase in capacity utilization, growth in profitable operations, and development and startup of new facilities.Successful in leadership or support of spills and Fire response.Recognized leader in business unit per...