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Plastic Processing and Plastic Compounding Expert with Far East Consulting Experience - Technical Consultant #768

Plastic Compounding Consulting Expert With Extrusion and Testing Laboratory and Significant Far East Experience30 years of plastics testing and consulting businesses with continuing Asian technical and business contacts.In-depth technical and operations knowledge of plastics processing and compounding.Formulations expert in polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), nylon, polycarbonate (PC) and alloys, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and other engineering resins.Process design and experience in single screw, twin screw and FMC compounding.Expert in process and light stabilization of polyolefins.Underwri...

Plastic and Thermoplastic Elastomer Processing and Operations Consultant - Technical Consultant #1043

Expert in Plastic and Elastomer Forming Processes and Molding OperationsPlastics manufacturing; plastic processing and business.Plastics processing machinery.Polymer materials development and polymer compounding.Thermoplastic elastomer processing and elastomer product development.Problem solving related to plastic processing and machinery.Extrusion and forming of plastic materials: Injection molding, blow molding, compression molding and rotational molding.Plastic materials testing and analysis.Plastic and polymer research and development management.Business development, product development and business commercialization.Project managemen...

Chemical Engineering Consultant Specializing In Nylon Fiber Production, Fiber Spinning and Fiber Design - Technical Consultant #1570

Fiber Spinning Consultant and World Class Expert on Fiber Cross-Section, Spinneret and Bulking Jet DesignPolymer science and fiber engineering with broad expertise in many phases of fiber production technology.Melt spinning fundamentals, fiber morphology, structure-property relationships.Fiber engineering, cross-section technology expert, spinneret design and bulking jet design.Pigmented fiber spinning fundamentals.Polymer engineering and polymer blends.Fiber surface characteristics; ink jet printing.Yarn processing technology: Dyeing, heat setting, twisting and air-entangling.Nylon fiber waste recycling.

Nonwoven Expert Specializing in Applications for Cleanrooms and Industrial and Household Dry and Wet Wiping Materials - Technical Consultant #1638

Nonwoven Textile Product and Application Development Expert and ConsultantForty years technical experience in nonwovens and fibers (PET staple, Lycra® nylon, PET spunbonded, PP spunbonded, PET and PET/woodpulp spunlaced).Design of Cleanroom fabrics having low particles and fiber shedding.Analytical methods development for characterization of nonwovens, (fiber shedding, particle generation, dynamic wiping efficiency, cleaning ability, rate of sorption).Spunlaced processing, entanglement, including three product and one process patent.Method development of Finish-on-Fiber analysis in staple form."Instant" method development for deductio...

Consultant for Foam Polystyrene, Foamed Thermoplastics and Polymer Engineering - Technical Consultant #1629

Expert for foamed polystyrene "Styrofoam," blowing agents, thermoplastic foamed produces and polymer technology.Technology and manufacture of polystyrene foamed products, "Styrofoamm," as marketed by Dow Chemical.Technical liaison in the field of polymer engineering, science and cellular plastics.Blowing agent technology.Thermoplastic foam technology.Leader in the field of polymer engineering, science and cellular foamed plastics, eliminating bottlenecks, allowing improvement efficiency in process, creating new values through product and technology development and application opportunities.Develop a high rate static extruded polystyrene "...

Polymer Processing and Polymer Modification Expert - Technical Consultant #1640

Polymer Blends and Alloy Consultant: Thermoplastics and PVC FormulationsPolymer modification specializing in thermoplastics including all engineering resins and some thermosetting resins.Polymer product development, particularity for reinforced thermoplastic systems and polymer blends.Polymer blends and alloys technology and formulations.PVC formulations and property modification and optimization with additives.Polymer rheology.Polymer processing, particulars extrusion and injection molding.Polymer analysis and characterization.Polymer composites.Plastic and polymer impact resistance; technology of improving fracture and toughening of pol...

Polymer and Nano-Composite Innovator and Expert for Aircraft, Automotive, Construction, Medical Equipment, Major Appliances and Sporting Goods - Technical Consultant #1673

Polymer and Nano-Composite Innovator and Expert for Aircraft, Automotive, Construction, Medical Equipment, Major Appliances and Sporting GoodsResearch and development and research management in polymeric materials systems, particularity polycarbonate polymers and plastic blends.Polymer manufacturing processes and application development and validation testing for thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.Intellectual property strategy and management related to polymer types, polymer manufacturing and polymer applications.Patent, trademark and portfolio analysis; license agreements; innovation techniques; strategic portfolio leveraging.Automotiv...

Chemical Lab Manager Expert: Plastics, Ion Exchange Resins, Bulk Pharmaceuticals and Agricultural Herbicides - Technical Consultant #1689

Chemical Laboratory Manger Supporting Specialty Chemical and Plastic ManufacturingSenior quality control and quality assurance manager with extensive experience, including plastics, ion exchange resins, bulk pharmaceuticals and agricultural herbicides.Managed three quality control laboratories in the past twenty years with up to eight chemists and analysts.GC, HPLC and FTIR, including training, troubleshooting and method development procedures.Installed and managed client server, TotalChrom Lab Data and control system.Managed in-house and contract quality cGLP assurance and control lab.Developed new test methods and introduced new "Fast GC...

Polypropylene Technical and Marketing Expert - Technical Consultant #1763

Polypropylene Technical and Marketing Expert in consumer, medical and industrial polyolefin marketsSenior Plastics Consultant with a marketing and finance MBA.Extensive new business and application development of polyolefins, bringing 28 years of experience.Created a technical team for a grassroots polypropylene plant.In depth understanding of polyolefin products, processes and applications.Detailed knowledge of the consumer, medical and industrial polyolefin markets.Technical and marketing support to Asia, South America and Africa for over seven years.Merger and acquisition evaluations.

Expert in Plastic Extrusion, Film Production and Polymer Processing - Technical Consultant #1766

Plastic Extrusion Consultant Focused of Plastic FilmsInternationally recognized consultant in film processing and formulation.Expert in plastics processing techniques including blow molding and extrusion.Extensive knowledge of plastics processing equipment design.Screw and die design.Polymer raw material selection.Polymer film process troubleshooting.Plastic processing equipment specifications and capital equipment procurement.Expertise in physical and chemical test methods used in the plastics fabrication and packaging industries.On-site training for production staff.Product design.Quality control.Project management.Expert witness testimo...