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Expert in Plastic Characterization, Plastic Applications, Plastic and Coating Stabilization, Plastic Additives and Modifiers and Plastic Expert Witness - Technical Consultant #1256

Polymer and Plastic Additive Consultant with Strong Analytical Skills and Plastic and Olefin Application ExperiencePolymer material analysis expert for amorphous and crystalline polymers in commercial markets.Plastic and polymer physical property analysis and stabilization of properties.Molecular modifications and use of compatabilizers to reuse waste plastic materials for new products, such as recycled tire rubber and carpet fiber wastes.Polymer additive expert: Plastic additives, plastic antioxidants, UV stabilizers, fillers, minerals and lubricants.Plastic color concentrate expert focusing on plastic colorants, discoloration, pigment,...

Analytical Chemistry Consultant Specializing in Laboratory Problem Resolutions, Polymer Chemistry and cGMP Auditing - Technical Consultant #1505

Analytical chemist specializing characterization and analysis of unknown materials, laboratory operations and REACH compliance, Certified Quality Auditor, CQA,Specialize in the analytical in-process / laboratory problem resolution and cGMP auditing / compliance and gap analysis of pharmaceutical suppliers.Process analytical technology solutions and project management.Preparations for REACH compliance in the European Union (EU).Established a satellite pharmaceutical testing laboratory in Hyderabad, India.Pharmaceutical ingredient supplier (cGMP) auditing (ASQ-CQA) including quality systems and regulatory affairs.Qualification of Asian sun...

Polymer Chemist Consultant: Thermoplastics, Bio-based Polymers, Water Soluble Polymers and REACH Compliance - Technical Consultant #371

Plastic product, process and market development with focus on acrylic, methacrylic, olefinic, vinylic and styrenic copolyPolymers, optical polymers, plastics and adhesives of all types.Polymer product, process and market development.Biodegradable polymers.Biobased polymers.Water soluble polymers.Plastics recycling, and methods of recycling for municipal solid waste and tires.United Kingdom and Europe environmental regulations.REACH (Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations.Plastic packaging materials.Alkaline fuel cell development.Nanotechnology