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Marine, Maritime, Shipping Consultant and Expert Witnes - Technical Consultant #1193

Shipping Specialist and Marine Expert Witness with Specific Focus to: Marine Legislature, Marine Safety, Cargo Inspections, Port and Ship SecurityOil cargo surveying/expeditingShip cargo surveys - generalSafety management systemsPort and ship securityShip new building process managementShip pre-purchase inspectionMarine legislative concerns2005 - Present ConsultantEmployed as a Consultant Master Mariner on their Aframax tanker, attending to operational and legislative concerns.2000 - 2004 Northe...

Master Mariner, Navigating Officer, Captain Surveyor and Cargo Expert - Technical Consultant #2091

Master Mariner: Hull Surveys, Draft Surveys, Bunker Surveys, P&I Survey Work, Hold Inspections, Suitability of Loading, On/Off Hire, Steel Outturns, Container Pre Inspection - Stuffing, Cargo Contamination and Damage, Cargo Stowage and Securing (IMO CSS code), , Water Tight Integrity; Hatch Covers (Ultra Sonic Testing), General Condition and Pre Sale Inspection, Legal Material Witness, Loss Control and Marine Expediting, DP Saturated Dive, Remotely Operated VehicleProfessional and licensed Master Mariner with diversified experience from offshore to onshore.Consistent recognition for performance achievements, promoting and protecting the...

Maritime Safety, Ship Survey, and ISO Audits Expert - Technical Consultant #2145

Senior Marine Engineer with Expertise in Marine Safety, Ship Surveys, and ISO AuditsMaritime Safety Management Systems Auditor.Maritime accident investigation.ISO 9001:2008 Auditor.Inspection: Offshore, ship hull and machinery inspections.Maritime education and training.Shipbuilding project management.Non Destructive Test - NDT Level IIMarine surveying.Maritime legislative.Expert Witness ExperienceExpert witness services for maritime insurance companies.Undisclosed College, Lecturer- Maritime, 2015 - PresentLecturer at the Professional Education and Traini...

Marine Terminal Technical and Safety Engineering Expert - Technical Consultant #2187

OCIMF Technical Author and Marine Terminal Startup Expert, with Experience in Conducting Technical and Safety Audits for MarineTerminalsDistinguished Engineer recognized for the many contributions to the marine terminal engineering industry.Develop industry standards, including the most recent edition of the widely usedInternational Safety Guide for Oil Terminals and Tankers (ISGOTT).Front End Engineering (FEED) export terminal project management and technical support.Detailed design, fabrication and commissioning of a tanker loading system, which is the largest fixed tower single point mooring ever built, weighing over 3000 tons.Marine a...

Master Mariner and Safety Management Offshore Oil and Gas Consultant - Technical Consultant #2349

Licensed Master Mariner with a Doctorate in Safety Management. Marine Consultant specializing in Offshore Installations and Dynamic Positioning Operations.Marine Consultancy: Offshore oil and gas industry, dynamic positioning, safety management, operational risk management, human factor, cross-cultural safety management and training.ISM and Safety Management Systems.Maritime regulatory compliance.Master and Offshore Installation: Command dynamically positioned vessels, conduct commission studies: Safety- offshore exploration, exploitation activities in the Mediterranean.Interpretation-comprehension: Vessels, latest generation Dynamically...

Civil Design and Construction Engineering: Major Projects; Domestic and Foreign Governments for Marina, Roadways and Airports - Technical Consultant #2197

Civil Engineering and Design Expert, Specializing in New Construction, Existing Structures, Bulkheads and Ports, and Wastewater Treatment Facilities For Domestic and Foreign GovernmentsCivil engineering design in new construction, existing structures, bulkheads and ports, and wastewater treatment facilities.Nineteen years of experience in design and engineering of structural and civil projects.Commercial and industrial buildings, marine and waterfront structures, wastewater treatment plants, general civil and temporary designs for construction.Planning design, specifications, estimating, and observation of construction in progress.Design a...

Expert Witness to the Marine Industry with Experience as an Oil Tanker Captain and Harbor Pilot with Emphasis on Safe Maritime Operations - Technical Consultant #1596

Oil Tanker Captain and Harbor Pilot Expert in Maritime SafetyExpert witness to Admiralty-Maritime Industry: Federal and State court, judicial arbitration and mediation services.Represented both Plaintiff and Defense in over 900 cases, including 52 trials, (Blue/Brown water, Jet Skis/Super Tankers/Pleasure Crafts, Tugs & Barges).Consultant to the United States Coast Guard.President and founder of maritime consulting company, designed to market the safety expertise learned as a captain for Exxon Shipping Company, U.S.A.Outstanding tanker safety operational record both at Exxon and as a Los Angeles Harbor Pilot.Written and/or consulted on S...