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Antimicrobial and Conductive Polymers Expert - Technical Consultant #320

Antimicrobial and Conductive Polymers Consultant with Expertise in Food Packaging and Industrial Composites and Coatings Applications.Strategy and tactics management for trade associations and for companies in dealing with regulatory agencies.Specific experience with the Silver Institute and Silver Nanotechnology Working Group in dealing with the U.S. EPA and with Europe's REACH, and success is achieved in having unfavorable criteria and policies rescinded.Electrical and optical properties of polymeric materials and their commercial applications, i.e.: Conductive polymeric systems for electronics housings, antistatic packaging and process...

Expert witness for electronic memory product definition, development, analysis and patent validity and infringement - Technical Consultant #502

Expert witness for electronic memory product definition, development, analysis and patent validity and infringementSemiconductor memory circuit expert, including DRAM, SRAM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash, DDR, DDR2, SDRAM, Rambus and DLL.Skilled in market analysis for memory devices.New electronic product definition and development.Product to market analysis and cycle time reduction.Patent protection, validity and infringement; experienced as an expert witness.Memory, application specific, digital and analog circuit design.President,...

Commercial and Industrial Telephone Specialist - Technical Consultant #805

Telephone Expert With Commercial, PBX Installation, and Cable ExperienceCommercial and industrial telephone specialist.Installation and operations of Key, PBX and voice mail telephone systems.Definition of subscriber communication needs and equipment requirements.Marketing to the telecommunications industry.Marketing research on telephone usage.Telecommunications specialist focused in sales and customer service.Undisclosed Company, Telephone Communication Consultant, 1995 - PresentSupervise sub-contract work for component assembly in conjunction with cable TV rebuil...

Technology Development Consultant - Technical Consultant #952

Consultant in Practical Business Processes, Technology Product Development and Technology Planning, Market Development, Strategic Planning, Government Funding, SBIR, Appropriations, Classified Programs, Subcontracts, Negotiating, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Recruiting, Staffing, and HR Policy.Large and small business leadership.Technical business development.Government and commercial project management.Human Resource Management.Doing business with federal government agencies: processes for proposals, contracting, SBIR, appropriations, deliverables.Planning: Creating and implementing strategic goals; business transitions....

Marketing Research and Business Consultant: TiO2, Ceramics, Fluoropolymers and Speciality Films - Technical Consultant #1075

Expert in new business development & startup, marketing research, pricing & value analysis, product penetration modeling, fluoropolymers, engineering plasticsTiO2 products and markets.Advanced ceramic materials, tough ceramic composites and ceramic parts.Fluoropolymer materials, films and devices.Competitive product assessment; product and capital financial analysis.Business strategy development; team building.New business development and start-up.Marketing research, pricing and value analysis.Intellectual property and product valuation.Technology/product penetration modeling.Idea generation and group creativity.

Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, & Biotech Business Development Expert - Technical Consultant #1082

Business development & marketing of pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical products specializing in contracts, equity investments, research agreements, customer supplly arrangements, technology acquisition, sales, & marketing.PharmaceuticalBiotechChemicalContracts & equity investmentsEnzyme developmentAntibiotic improvementBiopolymer intermediateGenomic based proteins for CNS drug targetsIsoprenoid platformAnimal feed -...

Expert Witness and Photopolymer Consultant for Optoelectronic Components and Digital Printing and Imaging New Business and Technology Development - Technical Consultant #1109

Photopolymer consultant specializing in optoelectronic technology, digital printing and imaging and new business development for optoelectronic devices and materials.Photopolymer consultant for for optical communications and digital printing and imaging.Acquisition strategy and indepth due diligence experience for acquisition of optical materials and optical device new businesses and technology.Consultant for flexographic printing, printing plates, photo resists and overall imaging technology.Expert witness on technology issues related to optoelectronics, photopolymers, lasers and related business arrangements.

Business and Market Expert for Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals - Technical Consultant #1146

Pharmaceutical exicpients and fine chemical marketing and technical expert.Over 20 years' experience working in specialty chemicals, biotechnology, food and consulting with broad experience in project management, new business development, intellectual property commercialization and licensing, strategic planning, marketing research, business analysis and merger and acquisition. International experience working with French business leaders in the major industrial sectors while living in France. Specific expertise in:Pharmaceutical ExcipientsRare Earth/Gallium MarketsSilicate MarketNew Business/New Venture EvaluationMarket Research & Strate...

Technology transfer, market research for specialty transfer chemicals - Technical Consultant #1147

Retired executive expert in specialty and fine chemical markets and technology transfer.Senior executive with broad international experience, including over 25 years in the chemical and related industries.Technology assessment, global management, commercial development.Strong Experience with international business management, commercial development and strategic planning.Technology focusing and transfer.Cross-cultural Development.Unique management experience in bio/fine specialties for major European chemical manufacturers.International management experience working and living in France, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, and the United State...

Technical Marketing and Business Research Expert: Specialty Chemicals, Plastics, Additives, Films and Fibers - Technical Consultant #1209

Competitive analysis, benchmarking, market and industry analysis, due diligence and management counsel. Numerous business research studies for companies interested in companies, products, channels of distribution, and industry trends and forecasts.Technical marketing research: Demand, supply, pricing, competitive assessment product attribute measurement and valuation.Competitive analysis, benchmarking, market and industry analysis, due diligence and management counsel.Conducted many market/business research studies for companies interested in acquisitions, new product development, product pricing, channels of distribution and industry tr...