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Dredging and Rigging Expert for Construction for Civil and Marine Applications - Technical Consultant #461

Expert for Fluid Power and Hydraulics for Dredging; Rigging ExpertHydraulic sludge dredging.Dredging work, dredging machinery and dredging equipment design and construction.Scrap metal processing, including junk car disposal and scrap.Hydraulic fluid power; large machine lubrication.Rigging for construction and marine.Expert and legal consulting involving dredging operations, equipment, personal injury, fluid power hydraulics and machinery repair.Independent Consultant, PresentCompleted dredging, machinery design and fluid power, (hydraulic) consulting projects throughout th...

Fluid System Consultant for Fossil Fuel Power, Nuclear Power, Cryogenic Systems, Sewerage and Flood Control - Technical Consultant #1604

Consultant for Fluid Systems: Pumps, Valves, Piping and Systems IntegrationDesign, engineering, operating and troubleshooting of fluid systems.Pump application in various industries, such as fossil and nuclear power plants, cryogenic systems, municipal sewerage and flood control.Fluid system engineering design for conceptual systems requiring the application of extensive technical and managerial experience.Fluid system integrations and operational optimization.Undisclosed Company, Consultant and Proprietor, 2000 -- PresentTechnical services to various industries...

UAV Electronics Expert Specializing in RF Links and Power Supplies - Technical Consultant #1801

Electronics Expert Specializing in Intellectual Property, ITC, Inertial Measurement, Embedded Systems, Power Supplies, and EMIElectronic hardware designElectromagnetic interference issuesPower suppliesEmbedded systemsAnalog designConventional gyro systemsData communications links (RF)Dedicated audio links (RF)Digital designEmbedded control systemsGPS systemsIndustrial control systemsInertial measurement unitsJoystick design (aircraft and games)Magnetometer / compass systemsMEMS technology - gyros, accelerometers, pressureReceiver Design (RF Data)Testifying and ITC experienceTransducer interfaceTransmitter designVideo links (RF)Expert Witne...

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Engineer Fluent in Arabic, French and English - Technical Consultant #1817

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Engineer for Industrial and Urban Population Growth ProjectsManage engineering and construction projects in the fields of civil and infrastructure facilities for industrial and urban population growth projects.Pipelines, power substations, hazardous waste treatment plants, oil/water separation, sludge stabilization, water storage facilities, evaporation ponds, hazardous waste landfills, sea water cooling, desalination facilities and service roads.Educator in hydraulic transients, fluid mechanics, irrigation system design, pipe network analysis, groundwater hydrology and drainage.Research and development of...

Electronics, Video Game Technology, and Signal and Data Processing Expert - Technical Consultant #1836

Electronics, Video Game Technology, and Signal and Data Processing ExpertElectronics, computer hardware and software, video game technology, and electrical engineering.Signal and data processing electronics.Patent infringement analysis.Skilled at explaining complex technical issues in a clear and easy to understand manner.Expert Witness ExperienceExtensive expert witness testimony experience in the fields of electronics, computer hardware and software, video game technology, and electrical engineering.Litigation support, strategy development and research for patent infringement litigation.Court testimony concerning major video game manufac...

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Sealing Technology Expert Witness - Technical Consultant #1914

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Sealing Technology Expert Witness, Including Heat Transfer and Combustion ExperienceDynamic fluid seals research and development.Fluid seals performance projection reports, seal failure analysis.Fluid seal simulation research, experiments, and modeling.Expert Witness ExperiencePatent infringement, validity, ownership, and liability.Provide reports, testimony and disposition for patent infringement cases in Utah, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Canada, and in numerous venues, District Court, Federal Court (Canada).

Surface Exploration, Monitoring, Reservoir Engineering Geophysicist Expert - Technical Consultant #2158

Geophysicist with Expertise Related to Resource Development, from Surface Exploration, Monitoring, to Reservoir Engineering and Stimulation Geothermal Reservoirs.Technical project management and general contracting of exploration and drilling projects.Management of environmental compliance studies.Development and operation of environmental monitoring programs and systems.Monitoring of hydraulic stimulations within oil, gas, or geothermal reservoirs.Renewable Energy Consultant and Project Developer.Global contract negotiations.Technology development and implementation.Expert Witness ExperienceAnalyst and Forensic Researcher for Smoak Law.Ex...

Fluid Engineering Gas Flow Predictions Consultant - Technical Consultant #2376

Fluid Mechanics Consultant in Gas Flow, Hydraulic Performance, and Modeling Utilizing Various Software ProgrammingFluid MechanicsIncompressible flowCompressible flowTransient flowHydraulic surgeTransient forcesFlow induced vibrationRelief device sizingJet mixingAgitationEntrainment separationLine sizingFlow distributionGas phase detonationGas phase deflagrationModeling of spills in river systems including river hydraulicsSoftware Writing Program ModelsTransient hydraulic hammer modelsRelief device modelsRiver dispersion modelsComputer Languages: Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basic, VBA (Excel)

High Energy, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Mechanics Thermal-Hydraulics Nuclear Consultant - Technical Consultant #2191

Nuclear Engineer with Expertise in Fluid Mechanics and Thermosciences. ASME Course InstructorOver thirty years of experience in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer in the nuclear and petroleum industries.Coupled fluid-structure interaction.Modeling two-phase jet discharge from high energy line breaks.Analysis of multiphase flow.Heat transfer pertaining to reactor and containment technology.Undisclosed Company, PresentSenior Mechanical EngineerThermal-Hydraulics Consulting EngineerProjectsConsulting Engineer in Thermal-Hydraulics, f...

Organic Chemist Specializing in Industrial Lubricants, Gasoline Additives, Automotive Chemicals, Coatings and Rust Protection - Technical Consultant #1501

Fuel oils additive and industrial lubricant expert and expert witness.Industrial lubricants: Formulation, development, testing, applications and technical sales.Industrial lubrication support: Seminars, selling, and troubleshooting.Automotive chemical formulation, development, testing and product demonstrations.Gasoline additive chemistry, formulation, lab and field testing.Industrial coatings and automotive rust protective coatings, development, testing, selling, and troubleshooting.Adobe elements 11 and lightroom 5.Field experience with metalworking fluids and hydraulic mineral and water based lubricants.Expert witness - petroleum prod...