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Professor of Ocean and Civil Engineering and Expert Witness Specializing in Hydraulics, Marine Structures and Wave Mechanics - Technical Consultant #1084

Professor of Ocean and Civil Engineering: Fluid Mechanics, Marine Structures, Fluid Mechanics and Marine Structures-Dams, Channel, Breakwaters, Ocean Walls and Naval ArchitectureCivil Engineering Hydraulics: Fluid mechanics related to civil engineering structures such as dams, open channels and pipelines.Coastal Engineering: Water wave mechanics; harbor and marina problems; ship and mooring issues; coastal structures such as breakwaters, seawalls, piers and landfills.Costal Engineering: Storm damage; oil spillage in harbors; armor protection of submarine outfalls.Ocean Engineering: Water wave mechanics; ocean structures and Naval Arch...

Geology consultant - Technical Consultant #1170

Expert in groundwater and soil chemical contamination and remediationConsultant with 20 years of comprehensive environmental site investigation and experience with a primary focus on technical site evaluation and remediation. He has specialized knowledge and experience with hydro-geologic assessments and associated computer groundwater modeling simulations that provide layman-friendly graphics and video animations. He has provided technical consulting on numerous projects and served as an expert witness.Groundwater contaminant migration releaseUnderground storage tank releasesGroundwater movement (Hydrogeology)Contaminant migration (Fate...

Marine, Maritime, Shipping Consultant and Expert Witnes - Technical Consultant #1193

Shipping Specialist and Marine Expert Witness with Specific Focus to: Marine Legislature, Marine Safety, Cargo Inspections, Port and Ship SecurityOil cargo surveying/expeditingShip cargo surveys - generalSafety management systemsPort and ship securityShip new building process managementShip pre-purchase inspectionMarine legislative concerns2005 - Present ConsultantEmployed as a Consultant Master Mariner on their Aframax tanker, attending to operational and legislative concerns.2000 - 2004 Northe...

Geologist Specializing in Desalination, Water Treatment, Mining Remediation, Acid Mines, Drainage and HAZMAT Delineation - Technical Consultant #1500

Mining expert consulting on wastewater treatment from mineral and coal mines and other chemical hazard remediations from mining operationsEnvironmental and extractive geology with international experience.Water treatment, water remediation for mining and water issues for chemical plant operations.Water desalination and cogeneration solutions.Mining techniques for minerals and coal; geology related to mine location.Acid mine draining, trailing ponds, wastewater treatment and water analysis.HAZMAT delineation and remediation.Mineralogy of burning coal mines.Sinkhole causes, classification and remediation.

Consultant for the Design and Construction of Water Treatment Facilities - Technical Consultant #1667

Water Reclamation - Reuse Technology Consultant: Sea Water Desalination, Separation, Purification, Food Chemical Processes, Membrane, and EPA, Environmental Technology VerificationWater treatment technology, systems and water market segments such as sea water desalination, water purification and waste water treatment.Marketing and technical consulting separation processes for water purification, wastewater treatment and food/chemical processing applications.Membrane technology system assessments for water treatment.Evaluation and performance validation testing of innovative drinking water treatment technologies in accordance with the EPA...

Consultant for High Purity Water Facilities for Pharmaceutical Facilities - Technical Consultant #1742

Chemical Engineer Consultant: Water, Process Utilities, Sustainable Fuels and Biomass to Energy.Pharmaceutical water system design, equipment, pharmaceutical water standards, P&ID, facilities construction and validation.Process engineering expert with a focus on water treatment facilities, process utilities, sustainable fuels, petrochemicals and biomass to energy.Analysis of construction contracts, engineering claims and engineering standard of care issues for process design and construction.Twenty years of experience in membrane filtration with a focus on pharmaceutical and biotechnology waters, water for injections and purified water sy...

Master Mariner, Navigating Officer, Captain Surveyor and Cargo Expert - Technical Consultant #2091

Master Mariner: Hull Surveys, Draft Surveys, Bunker Surveys, P&I Survey Work, Hold Inspections, Suitability of Loading, On/Off Hire, Steel Outturns, Container Pre Inspection - Stuffing, Cargo Contamination and Damage, Cargo Stowage and Securing (IMO CSS code), , Water Tight Integrity; Hatch Covers (Ultra Sonic Testing), General Condition and Pre Sale Inspection, Legal Material Witness, Loss Control and Marine Expediting, DP Saturated Dive, Remotely Operated VehicleProfessional and licensed Master Mariner with diversified experience from offshore to onshore.Consistent recognition for performance achievements, promoting and protecting the...

Metallurgical, Materials, and Corrosion Engineering Expert - Technical Consultant #2136

Ocean Engineering and Metallurgy Engineer Expert; Technical Instructor in Pipeline Welding, Inspection, Metallurgy Codes and StandardsOver thirty years of experience in positive material identification (PMI), pipeline technology, pipe manufacturing, pipeline and piping repairs, fitness for service and risk analysis.Expert knowledge in metallurgy engineering codes, standards, and specifications.Specialized experience in performing failure analysis, forensic metallurgy, identifying degradation of materials, materials selection, corrosion prevention, and conversion to gas or NGL service.Prepared and taught technical seminars for pipeline pers...

Explosion and Earthquake Structural Design Expert - Technical Consultant #2143

Civil and Structural Engineer Technical Expert, Specializing in Designing or Upgrading Structures to Withstand Environmental and or Accidental EventsCivil engineering and marine structures with more than thirty-four years experience in the petroleum and chemical industry.Blast resistant design; design criteria for earthquake, wind and other extreme loads; evaluation and upgrading of existing structures, machinery support and foundations, concrete chimneys and steel stacks; and structural vibration.

Civil Design and Construction Engineering: Major Projects; Domestic and Foreign Governments for Marina, Roadways and Airports - Technical Consultant #2197

Civil Engineering and Design Expert, Specializing in New Construction, Existing Structures, Bulkheads and Ports, and Wastewater Treatment Facilities For Domestic and Foreign GovernmentsCivil engineering design in new construction, existing structures, bulkheads and ports, and wastewater treatment facilities.Nineteen years of experience in design and engineering of structural and civil projects.Commercial and industrial buildings, marine and waterfront structures, wastewater treatment plants, general civil and temporary designs for construction.Planning design, specifications, estimating, and observation of construction in progress.Design a...