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Geologist Specializing in Desalination, Water Treatment, Mining Remediation, Acid Mines, Drainage and HAZMAT Delineation - Technical Consultant #1500

Mining expert consulting on wastewater treatment from mineral and coal mines and other chemical hazard remediations from mining operationsEnvironmental and extractive geology with international experience.Water treatment, water remediation for mining and water issues for chemical plant operations.Water desalination and cogeneration solutions.Mining techniques for minerals and coal; geology related to mine location.Acid mine draining, trailing ponds, wastewater treatment and water analysis.HAZMAT delineation and remediation.Mineralogy of burning coal mines.Sinkhole causes, classification and remediation.

Oil and Mining Consultant Specializing in Asset Management and Operations Excellence: Operations Optimization, Maintenance, Turnaround Management, and Safe Practice - Technical Consultant #1737

Mining and Refinery Operations Consultant: Best Practices, Reliability and SafetyOpen pit and underground mining operations and management.Open pit coal mining operations.Mining equipment purchasing, operation, utility of use and maintenance.Petroleum and refinery operations, including coker operations.Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) Certified Trained Leader and Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA 1910) Certified Training Guide Development.Turnaround optimization and defect elimination programs at major mining and petrochemical facilities.Identification of operational improvements and implement of plans for oil and mining operations, resu...

Slurry Engineering Expert in the Precious Metals and Mining Industries - Technical Consultant #1846

Slurry Expert - Design and Engineering of Plants, Tailings, Pipelines, mining equipment for metals (platinum, gold, nickel)Pipeline engineering.Design of gas fired cokeless furnaces for melting iron, including burner management system.Combustion aerodynamics.International slurry systems engineering expert: Design long distance slurry pipelines, slurry tailing, slurry handling-two phase and three phase flows.Mud drilling rheology and slurry transport of cuttings and cavings.Corrosion for refineries and mining extractionEngineering and design of long distance water, reclaim water and slurry pipelines for dredging, tailings disposal or miner...

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Expert - Technical Consultant #1926

Senior Safety Consultant and Expert Witness with Focus on Industrial Hygene, Environmental and Hazmat ProjectsProcess Safety Management, (PSM) audits.Process hazard analysis.Safety training for chemical manufacturing facilities.Industrial Hygiene, (IH) management.Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) gap assessments.Air permitting and compliance.Expert Witness ExperienceNitrogen Asphyxiation Fatality - Provided expert witness as a CIH on a nitrogen asphyxiation case at a chemical plant. Deposed but the case settled out of court before the trail.

Metallurgist, Failure Analysis and Quality Assurance Expert - Technical Consultant #1938

Mechanical and Metallurgy Consultant with expertise in Analysis, Chemical Test, Failure Analysis, Dimensional Inspections, TQM, and Laboratory ManagementMetallurgical analysis professional providing: Quality Assurance and Quality Control, (QA/QC), failure Analysis, special process audit, steel mill survey, testing, inspections and calibration activities, (per National and International standards).Planning and execution in quality management systems.Planning and execution of QA project plans within preset estimate and revenue budget deadlines.Planning and execution of mechanical and chemical - metallurgical laboratory.Mechanical analys...

Beneficiation Expert for any type of Iron Ore and Pelletization Expert (in Hematite or Magnetite) - Technical Consultant #1990

Pre-Smelting Ore Refinement and Removal of impurities (Beneficiation) and Project and Process Expert for Initiating or Running a PlantIron ore beneficiation (hematite, magnetite and other metals).Iron ore pelletization (straight grate and TG kiln-annular cooler).Project planning, process selection, equipment selection with sizing.Beneficiation of low grade ore.Dry beneficiation (hematite and magnetite).Expert Witness ExperienceCombined ore beneficiation for a mining company.Dry magnetic separation for a large tubing and piping company.Dry beneficiation for a Australian mining company.Fanless cooling tower and charge air filter for a stee...

Environmental, Health, & Safety (EHS) Consultant for Chemical and Mining Industries - Technical Consultant #2077

Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Security and Environmental Management for Industry and Government Agencies, Specializing in Chemical and Mining SectorsNational and international safety, industrial hygiene, security, and environmental management.SOCMA, including process hazards analysis, management of change and pre-start-up safety reviews, industrial safety and industrial hygiene, fire protection, emergency response both on and off-site, security, product stewardship and environmental issues.New safety and preparedness sustainability programs and waste minimization for various industries.EHS site assessments for safety and health evaluations,...

Surface Exploration, Monitoring, Reservoir Engineering Geophysicist Expert - Technical Consultant #2158

Geophysicist with Expertise Related to Resource Development, from Surface Exploration, Monitoring, to Reservoir Engineering and Stimulation Geothermal Reservoirs.Technical project management and general contracting of exploration and drilling projects.Management of environmental compliance studies.Development and operation of environmental monitoring programs and systems.Monitoring of hydraulic stimulations within oil, gas, or geothermal reservoirs.Renewable Energy Consultant and Project Developer.Global contract negotiations.Technology development and implementation.Expert Witness ExperienceAnalyst and Forensic Researcher for Smoak Law.Ex...

Petroleum Facilities Maintenance and Reliability Expert - Technical Consultant #2183

Petroleum Reliability Management Systems Consultant with Extensive Experience in the Development and Implementation of Maintenance Best PracticesOver thirty-eight years of experience in refining, chemicals, oil producing (including synthetic oils) and mining industries.Reliability and maintenance systems management for major petroleum companies: ExxonMobil Production Company, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, Imperial Oil, Petro-Canada and Syncrude Canada.Undisclosed Company, Maintenan...

Chemical Metallurgy Expert for Recovery of Precious Metals, Recycling of Spent Catalysts and Mineral Process Engineering - Technical Consultant #1295

Expert on Precious Metals Recovery. Chemical Metallurgy Engineering Expert in Process and Product Development and Recycling of Hazardous and Non Hazardous MaterialsMineral and chemical plant and engineering management. Recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous materials for base and precious metal recovery and value. Recovery of metals such as: Copper, silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Recovery of precious metals from spent catalysts.  High temperature fluidized bed reactors. Zeolites – natural and synthetic and ceramic catalysts and catalyst supports. Electrochemical reactors including chlorine production. Water purifi...