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Full-Service Support for Finding Technical Consultants and Expert Witnesses

CECON.com LLC Technical Experts sends its prayers and best wishes to all those businesses and people whose lives are in chaos because of the global pandemic.
Clients, Consultants, Suppliers and Friends of CECON should know that “the People of CECON.com” are full-speed ahead and working remotely to meet the increasing short-term needs of CECON.com clients.
We’re busy, “in a good way,” so please make the phone ring and the emails busy!!

   CECON.com leadership

Since 1985, we have provided customized search support to help you find the expert you need. We’re more than just a listing service or database. Our technical in-house staff has the real-world experience to determine the appropriate technical specialty you need and provide initial vetting.

Need a Technical Resource?Need Technical Consultants?

We offer consultants with expertise in energy, biofuels, composites, solar, medical devices, electronics plus over 200 additional technical disciplines. Our services include technical due diligence, regulatory compliance, interdisciplinary design teams, and material properties and processing evaluations.

 We find, qualify and present them - you hire and manage them! 

Need Legal Expert Witness?Need Legal Expert Witnesses?

We fully support law firms and insurance companies in patent infringementproduct liability and other practice areas across several industries, such as chemicals, energy, agriculture, biotech, and pharmaceuticals. Our network of experts will help clarify and document the technical issues of your case.  View our Legal section.

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Have a question or you cannot find an exact fit?  Cecon has many experts in our proprietary database plus many more experts with whom we network.     Send Us a Request

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Working with CECON is very straightforward and easy - either through our website or over the phone. To see more of the details, please click the link below:

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