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Medical devices include the modeling, the design, the manufacture and testing, and the quality of biomedical devices and systems. The medical devices segment is very broad, and includes orthopedics devices, vascular and heart devices, dental materials, and neural engineering. The field also includes knee and shoulder joint biomechanics, bone mechanics, and the materials and material science of materials used in medical devices. For example, material experts can address:

  • Ceramics and metals in orthopedic devices and dental implants.
  • Polymers and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMPE) used in orthopedics.
  • Components for vascular graphs, stents and stent coatings.
  • FDA issues related to 510k registration, adverse event reports and all matters related to FDA GMP compliance and validation.

Many CECON consultants are prepared to give unbiased expert analysis and expert testimony for intellectual property cases or litigation related to the efficacy and use of medical devices, materials of construction, and the integration of the materials and parts into a functioning system.

Select one of the below specialties to see medical device consultants with that specific area of experience, or contact a CECON specialist to help identify a technical expert who exactly meets your needs.

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