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CECON forensic experts have investigated many cases. Here are a few examples:

  • A motorcyclist's helmet split open in a crash. The CECON expert examined the crack and found a non-uniform mixing of the plastic and filler.
  • A glass skylight in a mall fell and shattered. CECON's glass expert demonstrated that the glass was the type used in auto windshields. Its shattering into small pieces would not have caused the alleged injury.
  • An emergency stop switch for a conveyor allegedly was not installed. It would have prevented an injury by the machinery. CECON's electrical consultant found bite marks on the conveyor, indicating that the switch had been installed but had been removed.
  • A person ingested a sharp object in a restaurant. CECON's packaging machinery expert determined the object was a piece of a cutoff knife from a food conveyor.
  • CECON's nationally recognized expert in protective clothing reviewed a case in which two firemen died. Allegedly the SCAB face masks used in the fire were defective. The expert found possible causes of their failure.

Below are are selected consultants with forensic experience. Many other experts are in our proprietary data base. Our experienced staff (each project manager has over 25 years of industry experience) can understand your technical needs and help you find the right consultant

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