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Consultant specializing in combustion and waste management processes for industrial and municipal waste. - Technical Consultant #1131

Waste management consultant specializing in combustion and waste management processes for industrial and municipal waste.Waste combustion, incineration, air pollution, hazardous waste disposalRegistered Professional Engineer: Delaware, Texas, PennsylvaniaIndependent Consultant: Specializing in combustion and waste management processes. Key projects:Debottlenecking (mechanically, then via permit modification) liquids incinerator, effectively doubling capacityInitiated diversion of clean hazardous waste liquids to boile...

Combustion, explosion, and chock modeling consultant with emphasis solid rocket and gun propellant. Experienced in biomass gasification. - Technical Consultant #1178

Combustion, explosion, and chock modeling consultant with emphasis solid rocket and gun propellant. Experienced in biomass gasification.Combustion, explosion and the detonation of solids, liquids and gases.Solid propellants used for rocket and gun propulsion.Interior ballistics processes: Combustion, ignition, combustion-instability and suppression.Noise generated by shock propagation from weapon systems (large and small caliber guns) and suppression.Biomass gasification, energy and activation including pyrolysis and fluid-bed processing.Biomass raw materials including paper mill, sludge, agri-wastes, chicken manure.Biogas cracking tech...

Aeronautical propulsion engineer designs spacecraft propulsion components and propellant feed systems. - Technical Consultant #1409

Aeronautical propulsion engineer designs spacecraft propulsion components including hydrazine arcjets, Hall effect thruster systems, and propellant feed systems for monopropellants and xenon.Consultant on rocket and missile propulsion engineering.Project management of spacecraft propulsion components.Expert on low flow hydrazine gas generator designs and hydrazine arcjet design.Hall Effect thruster system designs.Propellant feed system designs for monopropellant.Propellant feed system design for xenon.Propulsion component design for spacecraft.Software expert including LabVIEW, MathCAD, MiniCAD and Kaleidagraph.

Expert in Power Plant Construction: Fossil Fuel, Combustion Turbine, Coal, Oil and Gas Fired Power Plants - Technical Consultant #1456

Power Plant Constitution Expert: Additional Constitution Experience in Refinery, Tanks and Pressure Vessels, Columns, Piping, Sewage Treatment and Wet Land MitigationFossil Fuel and Combustion Turbine Power Plants:Construction Project Management: Over thirty years experience in engineering, construction, facility maintenance and project management.Engineering Project Management: Power Plants, coal, oil, gas, combustion turbines and site work foundations.Construction of refinery tanks, distillation columns, pressure vessels, piping, sewage treatment plants, wet land mitigation and water front construction.Strong background in organizati...

Chemical Reacting Flows for Fuel Combustion and Analysis and Fuel Chemistry Engineer and Combustion Experienced with Diesel, Bio and Fisher-Tropsch Fuels - Technical Consultant #1554

Chemical Reacting Flows for Fuel Combustion and Analysis and Fuel Chemistry Engineer and Combustion Experienced with Diesel, Bio and Fisher-Tropsch FuelsChemically reactive flows.Chemically reacting Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD.)Diesel, Fischer-Tropsch, bio fuels chemical mechanisms.Emissions and soot chemistry and volatile organic compounds (VOC) mechanisms.Chemistry of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD.)Computer simulation.Chemical kinetic mechanism testing and reduction.Training course development.Expert witness on matters related to fluid dynamics and chemical reactive flows.

Thermal Fluid Systems and Explosive Engineering Expert for the Petrochemical, Nuclear, and Aerospace Industries - Technical Consultant #2377

Petrochemical Thermal-Fluid Systems Analysis and Design Expert for the Oil and Gas, Defense, Nuclear, and Aerospace Industries Domestic and Abroad.Risk analysis, the assessment of facilities to withstand explosions and fires, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), combustion analysis, and explosives engineering.Development and application of numerical modeling tools to characterize problems.Developed an analysis tool titled RisqCAD to determine release rates from process failures and the associated gas dispersion and fires.Developed a CFD based analysis tool to analyze the vulnerability of facilities to accidental explosions, it is now licens...

Petrochemical Combustion and Heat Transfer Consultant - Technical Consultant #2381

Ph.D. Chemical Engineer with Expertise in Thermal Reactors and Incinerators in Sulfur Recovery (SRU) Units, Low-NOx Burner Retrofits, and Other Heat Transfer Equipment.Low-NOx burner retrofits, heater rebuild and revamp projects, heater control, safeguarding and flare replacements.Repair and revamp of thermal reactors and incinerators in sulfur recovery (SRU) units, energy efficiency improvement, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and on shore gas projects.Design and trouble-shooting of fired and unfired heat transfer equipment.Research and development, on oxy-firing in process heaters and boilers for CO2 control and sequestration.Fuel-flexible...

LNG-Liquified Natural Gas Stratification and Rollover Consultant - Technical Consultant #2202

Refinery and Petrochemical Mechanical with Expert Knowledge in Hazardous Waste Management and Oil Loss ReductionVaporizing processes in LNG Liquefied Natural Gas and by-product producing power.Refinery and petrochemical mechanical engineer and inventor specific focus in hazardous waste management and oil loss reduction.Thirty years of professional experience in engineering management for the refinery, petrochemical, and gas processing industries.Project management, refinery operations, process innovation and development.Undisclos...

Steam Systems Senior Specialist - Consultant for Chemical, Refining, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, District Heating, and Institutional - Technical Consultant #2322

Steam Systems Expert Training and Servicing Institutions, Healthcare, Commercial, HVAC, District Heating IndustriesSenior Field Engineer and Training Manager for domestic and international energy firms specializing in state-of-the-art steam systems executing training, project management, engineering, and engineering services.Steam and condensate systems providing services and training.Steam system evaluations and audits.Steam system energy management.Steam and condensate system project management.Steam system process and profitability improvement.Reduction in steam consumption and emissions providing sustainable savings.Steam system safety...

Electric Generating Plants-Reciprocating Engine Fueled Plants and Boiler Islands Consultant - Technical Consultant #2447

Electrical Power Plant Expert: Functional Performance, Upgrading Existing Facilities, Crafting Equipment and EPC ContractsPower plant boiler applications, fuels, applications, emissions compliance, and reciprocating engine applications.Technical and business development for international power generation entities in Europe and the Middle East.Focused Power Generation ActivitiesLarge reciprocating engine peaking power plantsFlexible generation's effect on power gridsBase loaded reciprocating engine power plantEmulsified heavy tars as fuel for SAGD processFirming wind power with natural gasBitumen use in fuel oil production from oil sandsPea...