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Health Care and Pharmaceutical Purchasing Management - Technical Consultant #1174

Professional in vendor management and purchasing of pharmaceutical products with experience establishing and operating group purchasing organizations.Health care purchasing and vendor managementEstablishing manufacturing and institutional alliances in the purchase of pharmaceutical productsEstablishing and working with group purchasing organizations (GPO)Positioning manufacturers to move products into the health care marketplace through respective alliances, affiliations or purchasing organizationsAssessing market entry barriersDetermining product market volume and pricingNegotiating manufacturing and GPO contract terms and conditions

Geology consultant - Technical Consultant #1170

Expert in groundwater and soil chemical contamination and remediationConsultant with 20 years of comprehensive environmental site investigation and experience with a primary focus on technical site evaluation and remediation. He has specialized knowledge and experience with hydro-geologic assessments and associated computer groundwater modeling simulations that provide layman-friendly graphics and video animations. He has provided technical consulting on numerous projects and served as an expert witness.Groundwater contaminant migration releaseUnderground storage tank releasesGroundwater movement (Hydrogeology)Contaminant migration (Fate...

Technical Marketing and Business Research Expert: Specialty Chemicals, Plastics, Additives, Films and Fibers - Technical Consultant #1209

Competitive analysis, benchmarking, market and industry analysis, due diligence and management counsel. Numerous business research studies for companies interested in companies, products, channels of distribution, and industry trends and forecasts.Technical marketing research: Demand, supply, pricing, competitive assessment product attribute measurement and valuation.Competitive analysis, benchmarking, market and industry analysis, due diligence and management counsel.Conducted many market/business research studies for companies interested in acquisitions, new product development, product pricing, channels of distribution and industry tr...

Consultant Chemical Engineer for Industrial Chemical Processes and Products Including Oxidizers, Phosphorus and Sodium Carbonate - Technical Consultant #1194

Consultant chemical engineer for industrial chemical processes, product development, economic analysis, industrial chemical products, oxidizers, hydrogen peroxide, phosphorus, particle handling.H2O2 oxidizers, phosphorus compounds and sodium carbonate.New industrial chemical process conceptualization, process economics and competitive evaluation.New process and product design and development chemical engineer consultant.Process equipment operation and specialization: Solids handling, kiln, crystallizer, spray dryer electrostatic precipitator, electrochemical cells, and microreactor technology.Skilled at process mathematical simulation, hea...

Analytical Chemist Consultant for FDA, GLC and Homeland Security Bio Hazards - Technical Consultant #1213

Expert in analytical chemistry for pharmaceuticals, FDA issues and detection of bio hazards for Homeland SecurityCenter for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), former FDA employee.FDA review of new drug (NDA) and generic drug (ANSA) application submissions, FDA national Field operations, FDA compliance.Research and development programs related to homeland security.Department of Defense force protection and agent detection (novel devices, sensors and samplers) for the detection and identification of chemical and biological agents.Technology related to infectious disease countermeasures.Analytical chemistry related to drugs.Pharmaceutical a...

Medical Doctor Consulting on Medical Imaging in the Clinic, Specializing in MRI, for Imaging Equipment, Applictions and Business. - Technical Consultant #1200

Medical Doctor Consulting on Medical Imaging in the Clinic, Specializing in MRI, for Imaging Equipment, Applications and Business.Medical imaging in clinical development.MRI of the breast and abdominal MRI applications.Diagnostic imaging contrast agents.Imaging surrogate markers.Imaging core lab sourcing and management.Diagnostic imaging and medical imaging informatics.Breast cancer imaging, particularly MRI.Radiology research and overall medical imaging technology.Medical imaging devices.Medical imaging product development, marketing and sales.Hospital and clinic purchasing of imaging equipment.Radiology management services for health ins...

Expert chemist consults on biodegradable polymer formulations and microencapsulation, applicable to biocides, fungicides, herbicides, also consults on leather chemistry - Technical Consultant #1210

Expert chemist consults on biodegradable polymer formulations and microencapsulation, applicable to biocides, fungicides, herbicides, also consults on leather chemistryBiodegradable Polysuccimimide and PolyaspartatesIsothiazolone Biocide FormulationsMicroencapsulation for a broad range of application areas - biocides, fungicides, herbicides, coating cross-linkers, fragrancesAcrylic dispersionsLeather Chemistry, including curing, tanning, coatings and analysisBiodegradable polymers based on aspartic acid chemistry, including manufacturing, synthesis, analysis, derivatization, and application studies based on aspartic acid chemistry.

Marine, Maritime, Shipping Consultant and Expert Witnes - Technical Consultant #1193

Shipping Specialist and Marine Expert Witness with Specific Focus to: Marine Legislature, Marine Safety, Cargo Inspections, Port and Ship SecurityOil cargo surveying/expeditingShip cargo surveys - generalSafety management systemsPort and ship securityShip new building process managementShip pre-purchase inspectionMarine legislative concerns2005 - Present ConsultantEmployed as a Consultant Master Mariner on their Aframax tanker, attending to operational and legislative concerns.2000 - 2004 Northe...

Composite Materials Mold and Manufacturing Expert - Technical Consultant #1212

Composite materials engineer with expertise in tooling and manufacturing.Composite materials, processes, engineering and product development.Composite mold, preform, tool, part and component design and production.High energy physics materials and applications.Superconducting magnet/MRI science, engineering and design.Composites applications for auto, bus, truck and lightweight structures.Magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) development and promotion.Expert witness for insurance companies and law firms and international advisory to research organizations and industries within the European Community.

Pharmaceutical raw material and API sourcing expert. - Technical Consultant #1202

Pharmaceutical raw material and API sourcing expert experienced with new chemical entities, small molecules, fermentation products and sourcing options and strategy from world wide producers.Pharmaceutical sourcing and outsourcing for pharmaceutical chemicals, raw materials, intermediates and API's.Search for second source of supply for pharmaceutical materials.Experiences include: new chemical entities, small molecules, fermentation, and biochemicals.Services include: Kilo lab production facility, contract R&D, process development, scaleup, pilot plant, commercial production.