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Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Analytical Chemistry Expert - Lean cGMP, QC Testing - Technical Consultant #2086

Analytical Chemistry Consultant Specializing in Lean cGMP Laboratories Operations, Methods Validation and Transfer, Quality Control Testing, OOS and Nonconformance Investigations for Regulatory and Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical and BiotechnologyAnalytical, biochemical, microbiological, and raw material cGMP testing laboratories.Implementation of robust quality systems including, test method validation and transfer, Out Of Specification (OOS) investigations, product stability program, LIMS, training program, document control, specifications, equipment qualification, raw material qualification, risk assessment, Corrective And Preventive Ac...

Pharmaceutical New Products, Formulations, Life-Cycle & Pharma Industry Expert - Technical Consultant #2496

Over 30 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Beginning to End of Life-Cycle Management Consulting. Effective Expertise; Finding Solutions to Problems, Increasing the Efficiency of Development Summary  Pharmaceutical industry focus of new product development through life-cycle management, supplying over 30 years of industry experience in; efficient development, scale-up, transfer, problem solving, and commercial manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Formulation Scientist and Manager with emphasis in: CMC documentation, technology transfer, drug delivery, and process analytical technology. Appling technical expertise to problems...

Makeup, Color, and Decorative Cosmetic Formulation Consultant - Technical Consultant #1415

Consultant has over 30 years of experience in the formulation of color cosmetics and other makeup and emulsion-type products. He spent all of those 30 years at The Estee Lauder Companies where he had held various technical and managerial positions in Research and Development. His state of the art formulation laboratory can accomodate any type of cosmetic product. Whether it be lipsticks, eyeshadow, foundations, or lip glosses, we can meet all your requirements. All of our equipment is new, so you can be assured we have the latest technology available. All of our formulations go through strict stability testing to ensure a quality product. We test the product at 3 different temperature levels for 3-4 weeks. We use the finest raw materials and deal directly with the manufacturers. Once your formulation is complete, we supply all documentation to you.

Water Purification and Membrane Filtration Expert - Technical Consultant #2232

Process Development and Scale-up Consultant with Expertise in Water Purification, Specialty and Commodity Chemicals. Membranes, and Advanced CompositesSummary Product development,and commercialization with specific focus to: Water purification, ion exchange, advanced composites, and specialty-commodity chemicals. formulated products (floor finishes, hard surface cleaners, boiler-cooling tower water treatments, food sanitization). Chemical Engineering scale-up, product and product development, commercialization, and process trouble-shooting. PVDF and PTFE membrane filtration and filters. Use of low energy electrical plasmas to achie...

Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineer of 20 years, Focused to: Oil Gas, Petrochemical & Pipeline Industry Consulting - Technical Consultant #2501

Electrical Engineer: Operations, Maintenance, Technical Support, Design, Construction, Commissioning; (Petrochem, Oil & Gas Facilities Elect. Utilities, Pipelines) Instrumentation, Automation & SafetySummary  Seasoned Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of extensive in operations, maintenance, technical support, design, construction, and commissioning activities for petrochemical facilities, oil and gas facilities, electrical utilities and pipelines in the electrical, instrumentation, automation and functional safety disciplines as an owner’s engineer.   Leadership: Build and sustain an effective team of electrical/in...