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Fluoropolymer, PTFE Fine Powder, Teflon, and Tedlar Polyvinyl Fluoride Consultant - Technical Consultant #1233

Technical consultant on the Fluoropolymer Chemistry, Formulations, Plastic Forming and use of PTFE Fine Powder, PTFE Dispersions, Teflon Fluoropolymers, Nafion Fluorinated Sulfonic acid Polymer and Tedlar Polyvinyl Fluoride, Biologics, Adhesion, Extrusion, Surface ModificationSenior technical consulting service for all aspects of PTFE and other fluoropolymer products and applications.Extensive knowledge of fluoropolymer applications in the chemical processing industry.Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fine powder formulation processing and PTFE applications.PTFE dispersion, formulations, and applications.PTFE plant design, start-up and capa...