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Petrochemical and Refinery Rotating Equipment Expert - Technical Consultant #2192

Mechanical Engineer Specializing in Startup Planning and Commissioning, Equipment Procurement Testing, and Technical Quality AssuranceThirty Eight years of experience in rotating equipment.Service, selection, and operation of turboexpanders for fluid catalytic cracking process regeneration flue gas.Cogeneration services.Vendor experience verification.Rotordynamics and critical speed analysis.Undisclosed Company, Senior Engineering Fellow, PresentProvide support and consulting of equipment analysis for indu...

Human Resources and Law Enforcement Expert – Compliance, Investigations, Training, & Solution Delivery - Technical Consultant #2560

Human Resources & Law Enforcement Professional – Impacting Complex Business Challenges, Creating Successful Solutions Through Policy & Procedure Development; Human Resource Management; Compliance, Summary Law enforcement and human resources professional with the ability to impact complex business challenges and deliver solutions and results. Serving 32 years and rising to Captain with Delaware State Police, then promoted to Director of Human Resources with responsibilities in: Compliance, monitoring; internal and external investigations; training-development, program and project management. Execute executive level leadership and man...

Metals, Ceramics, and Composites Expert in Petrochemicals, Medical Devices, and Fuel Cells - Technical Consultant #1971

Metals, Ceramics, Fibers, Metal Composites, and Porous Lightweight Metallic Materials Expertise in Aerospace, Automotive, Locomotive, Electronic Interconnects, Vehicle Armor, Oil patch, Gas exploration, Petrochemical, Orthopedic Implants and Surgical Instruments, and Fuel Cell MarketsMaterials expertise in metals, ceramics, fibers, metal matrix composites, and porous lightweight metallic materials. Materials solutions for smart product designs - aerospace, automotive, locomotive, industrial, electronic interconnects, defense (vehicle armor), oil patch, gas exploration, nuclear, electrical equipment, petrochemical, orthopedic implants a...

Water Purification and Membrane Filtration Expert - Technical Consultant #2232

Process Development and Scale-up Consultant with Expertise in Water Purification, Specialty and Commodity Chemicals. Membranes, and Advanced CompositesSummary Product development,and commercialization with specific focus to: Water purification, ion exchange, advanced composites, and specialty-commodity chemicals. formulated products (floor finishes, hard surface cleaners, boiler-cooling tower water treatments, food sanitization). Chemical Engineering scale-up, product and product development, commercialization, and process trouble-shooting. PVDF and PTFE membrane filtration and filters. Use of low energy electrical plasmas to achie...

Catalyst Development and Process Data Analysis Expert - Technical Consultant #1672

Ph.D. Chemical Engineer with Expertise in Catalyst Development, Process Optimization and Scale-UpCatalyst development, (metal oxides, mixed oxides, reduced metals, zeolites, etc.), catalyst characterization and testing.Troubleshooting plant production issues in catalytic processes such as inadequate activation and premature catalyst deactivation.Every aspect of chemical production such as chemical process development, process implementation, process scale-up, plant data monitoring.Chemical engineering and data and analysis to identify opportunities for increasing productivity and product quality, and plant production support during trial...

Glass Manufacturing and Fractology Expert. Flat Glass, Fiber Glass ,Glass Micro Spheres and Proppants - Technical Consultant #1353

Glass Expert Including Turn Key Project for Flat Glass, Fiber Glass and High Index of Refraction Glass Beads; Experienced Glass Expert Witness.23 years of glass engineering experience.Glass manufacturing technology: Flat glass, fiber glass, glass spheres and specialty glass.Manufacture of glass, ceramic and mineral beads of varying sizes for proppants.Development and manufacture of specialty glass products including glass microspheres for electronics manufacturing, medical applications, proppants and reflective safety products with high and tailored index of refraction.Forensic engineering and expert witness for glass fracture and ceramic...

Mechanical Characterization Areas: Materials Science, Polymers, Soft Materials, Metals – Expert - Technical Consultant #2526

Analysis of Soft Materials Expert Witness Reports and Mechanical Characterization of Soft Matter - Ph.D., Medical Device Expert Experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of project management in academic and industrial settings. Excellent communication and presentation skills in chemistry, materials science, data analysis, and polymers. Measurement of tensile and compressive properties of biomedical polymers and metals. Expert Witness Experience  Aided in characterization and compilation of results for hernia mesh litigation. Prepared data for thesis advisor to serve as expert witness in this litigation.

Chemical Process Piping Design Expert - Technical Consultant #2147

Registered Civil Engineering Expert for Chemical Manufacturing Facilities with Specialized Knowledge in Piping Standards and DesignOver thirty-five years in process facility mechanical design and construction for the chemical industry.Work process redesign and implementation.Piping expert: Fabricated equipment design and specification, thermal fluid heat transfer system design, specification and standard writing, and work process redesign and implementation.Piping flexibility analysis, piping standards, and design tools development.Owner oversight of contractor front-end and detailed engineering.

Law Enforcement-Security, Safety, & Firearms Expert - Technical Consultant #2562

Security and Law Enforcer with Focus to: Training, Professional Team Building, and Expert WitnessCreate dynamic teams composed of safety and security professionals providing exceptional level of protection for all persons and physical assets, delivering proven analytical and strategic leadership gained through an exceptional 36-year law enforcement career. Targeted Areas Staff and Command Management Strategic Leadership Active Shooter Tactical Strategist Force-On-Force Scenario Based Trainer Response To Resistance / Use of Force Advisor Tactical Operations Team Leader Firearms Training and Development A.L.I.C.E. Certified I...

Organic Chemistry in Technical Innovation for Top Brands-Fortune 10 Food Companies, and Venture Capital with Multifaced Business and Scientific Analy - Technical Consultant #2559

A Creative Scientist with Proven, Leadership & Business Skills. Extensive Contributions to Top Brands for Fortune 10 Food Companies. Venture Capital Skills in all Phases of Business and Scientific AOrganic Chemist: Trained with deep knowledge and experience in nearly all food systems and technologies. Proficient in food chemistry, thermal analysis, statistical experimental design, polymer chemistry, food microstructure and all food macromolecules. Developed and taught curriculum on water in foods, coating technology, starch and hydrocolloids. Food Product Creator: Baked goods, beverages, teas, snacks, cereals, bars, nutritional supple...