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Chromatography and Spectroscopy for Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Medical Packaging - Technical Consultant #1577

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemist for Polymer Extractables and Environmental Contaminates. Chromatography and Spectroscopy for Organic Molecules and Elastomer Polymers.Controlled environmental agriculture – growing plants using aeroponic vertical columns. Determination of plant extracts (vitamins) using HPLC. Analytical chemistry problem solving - chromatography, spectroscopy, wet chemistry. Analytical methods development - chromatography: HPLC, GC, GC/MS, LC/MS, GPC, SFC, SEC, and IC. Ancillary analytical techniques: ICP, FTIR, TGA, NMR, AA, SEM, and XRF. Analytical testing: Pharmaceuticals, polymer extractables and environmenta...

Licensed Master Electrician With Expert Witness Experience - Technical Consultant #1138

Electrician Expert in Electrical Codes, Electrical Investigations and Electrical Shock DesignForensic electrical contractor and consultant providing electrical inspections, electrical investigations, fact-finding reports, visual exhibits, depositions, expert court and trial testimony for electrically caused damage, injury, and/or death.Types and classes of electrically caused accidents.Site inspections, investigations, and code compliance, working in the electrical construction and maintenance industry.Electrical SpecialtiesNational electrical code compliance.National electrical safety code compliance.California high voltage electrical saf...

Expert in Kaolin Mineral Extraction and Processing - Technical Consultant #1713

Engineering Consultant Expert in Kaolin Mineral Extraction and ProcessingIndustrial mineral facility layout, design and mineral facility operations.Mineral deposit development, extraction and process optimization.Kaolin mining and kaolin processing.Development of high performance teams.Mineral extraction in Brazil.Acquisition assessment.Independent Consultant, PresentProvides business and technical assistance primarily to industrial mineral companies.Expertise on improvements in current operations and process optimization.Identification and evaluation of potential acq...

Analytical Chemist Consultant: HPLC, GC, CE and GPC Analysis and Chiral Chromatography - Technical Consultant #1504

Expert in analysis of chemicals and pharmaceutical, specializing in chiral chemistry.35 years of experience in analytical chemistry for chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and polymers.Experience in wet chemistry and instrumental analysis.In depth knowledge of chromatographic (HPLC, GC, CE and GPC) techniques.Chiral chromatography.Skilled at reversed-phase, normal phase and chiral methods development with short turn around time.Chiral and achiral methods development for starting materials, intermediates and products.Analysis of starting materials, intermediates, API and products.Analysis of polymer materials and constituent ingredients...

Chemical Process Piping Design Expert - Technical Consultant #2147

Registered Civil Engineering Expert for Chemical Manufacturing Facilities with Specialized Knowledge in Piping Standards and DesignOver thirty-five years in process facility mechanical design and construction for the chemical industry.Work process redesign and implementation.Piping expert: Fabricated equipment design and specification, thermal fluid heat transfer system design, specification and standard writing, and work process redesign and implementation.Piping flexibility analysis, piping standards, and design tools development.Owner oversight of contractor front-end and detailed engineering.

Ceramics and Glass Consultant for Glazes, Porcelain Enamels, Glass, Ferrites, Capacitors and Electronic Materials - Technical Consultant #1168

Consultant for Formulation, Manufacture and Testing of Ceramics for Coatings, Whitewares, Pigments, Glasses, and ElectronicsCeramics and solid state materials research and consulting in the areas of; ceramic glazes, ceramic frits, corrosion of non-metals, electronic materials, glass and glass ceramics, high pressure studies, photochromic materials, pigments, porcelain enamels, sealing glasses, toxic substances, particularly lead, and whitewares.On site glass-ceramic plant evaluation, plant trials, product yield, and laboratory services.High gloss glazes; high gloss ingredients, fritted glaze solutions, production of satin and matte glazes...