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Corporate Fiduciary Consulting-Targeting Operating Costs, Financial Technology, Growth, Profits, and Financial Expert - Technical Consultant #2561

Corporate Performance Improvements and Success Through, Growth, Cost Reductions, Employee Retention, Health Coverage, and ConsultingSummary Fiduciary Advisor with exacting cost and expense reduction by applying financial technology to control costs, while growing profits, and strengthening business performance. Provide strategies for businesses in Higher education institutions, hospitals, nonprofit organizations; municipalities, counties, state agencies, and other sectors. Reduce operational expenses by up to 25% by applying technology and data science. Strengthening performance by attracting and retaining quality employees: Earned w...

Chemical Engineer Specializing in Laminates and Encapsulants for Photovoltaic Solar Modules and Specialty Films for the Global Transportation Market. - Technical Consultant #1517

Polymer expert in thermoplastic elastomers for encapsulating, packaging and elastomer part applications, specializing on photovoltaic module encapsulation.Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE's) products and markets.Specialty laminates and encapsulation, particularly for solar photovoltaic modules.Polymer materials including: Alcryn® , Surlyn® , Nucrel® , Elvaloy® , Elvax® , Kynar® , TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizates) and TPE products.Theory of Constraints (TOC) management, decision and risk analysis.Business management focused on business improvement strategy and tactics.

Chemical Process Consultant: PVA Technology, Controls Development and Process Development. - Technical Consultant #1934

Chemical Process Consultant specializing in PVA Technology, Controls Development and Process DevelopmentSpecialist in the areas of chemical process evaluation, troubleshooting and process hazards analysis and chemical engineering scope development.Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA. PVOH) processing technology.Continuous chemical process improvements by systematic analysis, optimization and re-define processes resulting in significant improvements.Chemical process flow sheet and unit operation development.Proven record of innovation and cost savings.Statistical process control design.Uranium conversion technology.

Bio-Based Polymers and Polyurethane Elastomers Development Expert - Technical Consultant #1889

Bio-Based Polymers and Polyurethane Elastomers Development ExpertDevelopment of bio-based polymers for industrial applications.Polyurethane product development and characterization.Nano-clay composites development.Adhesion science and characterization.Adhesion of lignocellulosic composites.Molecular diffusion in elastomeric, laminated, and composite materials.Thermal analysis, molecular spectroscopy, and polymer characterization.Technical and business development initiatives developing new products and licensing,, increasing efficiency, solving problems and reducing costsIntellectual property portfolio development - bio-polymer based produ...

Polyurethane Production and Concept Expert in the Japanese Markets - Technical Consultant #1964

Chemical Engineer with Broad Knowledge of Polyurethane Technology, Especially in Japan MarketsPolyurethane (PU) technology specialist.Polyurethane rigid and flexible foam.Polyurethane pre-polymers.Polyurethane System House production lines.Polyurethane dispensing machines.Managing sizable polyurethane system houses.Education in Japanese concepts.Total Quality Control Management (TQCM) and Total Quality Control Creation (TQCMR).Safety procedures (European laws for MDIITDI/BIURET production or use);ISO certifications;Managing TS RID production and administrations.Expert Witness ExperiencePolyurethane formulations for all foam types.Polyureth...

Organic Chemistry Expert in Cellulose Ether Process and Product Development - Technical Consultant #2090

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry Consultant Specializing in Cellulose Ether Process and Product Development and Improvement. Specific Experience in Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) and Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC)Hydroxyethyl cellulose product and process development.Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose process and product development.Cellulose ether chemistry.New product development and process improvements for the organic chemistry industry.Exceptional chemical research and development skills in the following expertise:Polymer synthesis, applications and productionWater soluble polymersCellulose and derivativesData managementScale-up operationsMe...

Electrical Engineering and Fire Forensics Expert - Technical Consultant #2362

Electrical Engineering and Fire Forensics Consultant Specializing in Power Quality, Electrocution, and LightingElectrocution, shock and origin of electrical fires, analysis and reporting.Lighting damage.Equipment damage review and analysis.Power quality review: Brownouts, peak demand times, voltage sags, voltage variations, interruptions, and swells.Circuit integration and testing.Transformers and generators performance and damage.Design the installation of power distribution systems (UPS and generators).Electrical design for deep space crafts.Expert Witness ExperienceResidential fire involving a generator.Apartment complex fire wiring ex...

Structural Adhesive Consultant and Expert Witness - Technical Consultant #1800

Structural adhesive expert with broad experience in marine, automotive,and architectural applications.Structural adhesives applications for marine adhesives, naval architectural adhesives, automotive assembly, waterproof construction adhesives, aerospace adhesives, composite repair adhesive, vulcanized rubber to rubber and metals.Research and formulation of structural adhesives of several polymer types for many different applications.Adhesive selection expert for specific application requirements and locating specialized adhesives products for specific situations.Hot melt adhesives formulations using: Block copolymer styrene/butadiene/sty...

Expert Witness for Medical Device Patent Litigation and Consultant in Product Development for the Intellectual Property, Optical, Medical Devices. - Technical Consultant #2563

Providing Diagnostics in Blood Collection Platforms, Develop Control Sensors and Instrumentation for the Pulp & Paper, Plastics Industries, Commercializing New Infrared & X-ray Sensor Technology. Accomplished senior research and development leader, Ph.D. in physics, executing extensive experience in new product development, and focus in optical and medical devices and diagnostics. Targeting customer needs, assessing new technologies, and developing innovative business and technology opportunities. With both Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial, and startup company experience, bringing dynamic leadership and technical expertise to instrume...

Structural Adhesive Consultant and Expert Witness - Technical Consultant #474

Highly Regarded Analytical Instrument and Market Expert Specializing in Separations Science and New Technology Commercialization.Analytical Chemistry.Separations Science (GC, SFC, GC/MS, LC, analytical through large-scale prep).Results verification (3rd party review for defensibility, adherence to protocols).Method modernization and optimization.Optimization of laboratory efficiencies and compliance.Market assessment (identification, characterization, evaluation).Project and product requirements determination and analysis.New technology appraisal (for potential acquisition, licensing, funding of development).New technology commercializatio...